Baazi Poker Tour June 2016 25K Main Event – Live Reporting

Puneet Dua wins the Main EventIMG_7653 - Copy

1:03 AM Level 28: 30,000/60,000/10,000

Puneet with sA cA limps and Sameer raise to which Puneet shoves all-in. Sameer calls to showdown:

Sameer: hA cK

Community: dk s6 d7 hJ d4

Puneet takes it down with his pocket Aces.

Puneet takes home 10 Lac in prize money with the trophy. Sameer bags 8.5 lacs in prize money for runner-up finish.

Talking to OPN, Puneet said, “It’s an orgasmic feeling being the winner. First Aces in the entire tourney and won it with that in the last hand.”

“I never expected to run so deep in the tourney. Feeling good. It is my first cash in live tourney”, said Sameer.

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Heads up – Sameer vs Puneet

12:15 PM Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5000

Sameer and Punnet have locked horns for the main event title. Chip count:

Sameer – 2 millions

Puneet – 2.2 millions

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DSC_0521Simon Mint places 3rd for Rs 7.5 Lacs

12:00 PM Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5000

Simon goes all-in preflop with s1 d3 and Sameer makes the call with sK hJ. Table h9 d5 cA s10 dA gave Sameer a straight to win the pot and eliminate Simon in 3rd place.

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DSC08160Ankush eliminated in 4th place for 6.5 Lacs

11:34 PM Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5000

Sameer opened 90K and Ankush called to see the flop c2 sA dK. Sameer leads out 200,000 to which Ankush moves all-in and Sameer calls.

Ankush: hk sQ

Sameer: d1 c5

c8 on turn and d10 on river gave the pot to Sameer.

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Prize money re-structured by the top 4 players

The remaining 4 players have restructured the total prize money left for them.

1st – 10 L

2nd – 8.5 L

3rd – 7.5 L

4th – 6.5 L

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DSC08138Revanth finishes 5th for Rs 3.4 Lacs

10:49 PM Level 26: 20,000/40,000/5000

Simon Mint raises form UTG+2 with s8 d8 and Revanth goes all-in with c5 h5. Revanth gets no help on board and gets eliminated from the main event in 5th place. He gets Rs 3.4 Lacs in cash prize.

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Sumanth finishes 6th for Rs 2.6 LacsDSC08127

10:35 PM Level 26: 20,000/40,000/5000

Sumant opens 40,000 with s3 c3 and Puneet makes it 95,000. Sumanth goes all-in which Puneet calls with cA dJ.

Community h5 hQ c10 d4 hK gives Puneet straight on the river and Sumnath gets eliminated.

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Abhishek Jalan finishes 7thDSC08153

10:20 PM Level 25: 15,000/30,000/5000

Abhishek announced all-in preflop with cQ sK and Ankush call with dA hA. Ankush takes down the pot with the community h10 d8 s3 cK h2 . Abhishek takes home Rs 2 Lacs.

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Nikita Luther finishes 8th for Rs 1.5 Lacs

9:55 PM Level 25: 15,000/30,000/5000DSC08091

Sameer opens 65,000 to which Nikita moved all-in and Sameer called.

Nikita: c1c7

Sameer: dqsq

Table: d2hkh7d8hq

Sameer knocks out Nikita in 8th place.

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DSC_0520Rajat Sharma finishes 9th for Rs 1.25 Lac

9:30 PM Level 24: 12,000/24,000/4000

Sameer opens 52,000 and Puneet goes all-in with c1sq and Rajat Sharma calls showing c6h6.

Board s1h4h1d10sk gave Puneet trips of Aces to eliminate Rajat. Rajat takes home Rs 1.25 lacs

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Rajat Sharma doubles up

8:45 PM Level 23: 10,000/20,000/3000

Abhishek Jalan moved all-in and shortest stack on FT, Rajat Sharma called.

Abhishek: dqcq

Rajat: skhk

Rajat flopped a full house with s6ckd6 and took down the pot.

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Here are the Final Table Chip Counts

8:20 PM Level 23: 10,000/20,000/3000

Sumanth Kumar is leading the final table of 25K Main Event with 836,000. DSC08119

Here are the chip counts:

Sumanth Kumar – 836,000

Simon Mint – 624,000

Abhishek Jalan – 574,000

Puneet Dua – 470,000

Revanth Rachunath – 429,000

Ankush Agarwal – 419,000

Sameer Tavanandi – 402,000

Nikita Luther – 302,000

Rajat Sharma – 293,000

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Rashidullah eliminated in 10th place; Final Table formed

7:52 PM Level 23: 10,000/20,000/3000

Rashid opened 50,000 and Sumath bet to make Rashid all-in. Rashid called with his stack of 320,000.

Rashid: cqhq

Sumanth: dkhk

Board ran c2s6s9s4d6 and Sumath took down the pot with bigger 2-pairs. Rashid got eliminated in 10th place for Rs 1,00,000.

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Chips swing before Final Table

7:35 PM Level 23: 10,000/20,000/3000

The game has slowed down among 5 players each on the remaining 2 tables as the next elimination will lead to the final table.

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Girish Sahane and Raj Talwar eliminated in 12 and 11th place

7:18 PM Level 22: 8000/16,000/2000

10 players are playing for the final table as Girish Sahane departed in 12th place for Rs 1,00,000 and Raj Talwar followed him soon to the rails in 11th place. Raj Talwar bagged Rs 1,00,000 for his efforts to the 11th place.

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15K Bounty Event starting in parallel

The last tournament of the Baazi Poker Tour – 15K Bounty is starting off. 60 players have taken their seats for the knock out event.

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DSC07401PokerBaazi Pro Abhishek Panda goes out in 13th place

6:46 PM Level 22: 8000/16,000/2000

Abhsiehk Panda shoves 170,000 with c7 s7 and Sameer calls showing cQ dQ. Board c10 sK s3 s6 d9 bring no help to Abhishek and he gets eliminated. He bags Rs 85,000 in cash prize.

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3 quick eliminations – Varun Gulati (16th), Jimmy Arora (15th) & Mukunda D (14th)

6:20 PM Level 22: 8000/16,000/2000

All short stacks are getting eliminated in quick succession in the 25K Main Event. After Archit Khandelwal, it was Varun Gulati getting eliminated in 16th place for Rs 70,000.

Next to depart was Jimmy Arroa in 15h potions bagging Rs 85,000.Mukunda Dashraty followed him soon when in a hand, Abhishek Jalan moved preflop all-in and Mukunda called with his stack 170,000. Abhishek was covering him. At the showdown:

Abhishek: cK cJ

Mukunda: s9 c9

Community dJ s4 s6 hA d10 gave Abhishek better pair of hand to take down the pot.

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Archit Khandelwal finishes 17th for Rs 70,000

6:20 PM Level 21: 6000/12,000/1000

Archit Khandelwal goes preflop all-in with hA cK and Sameer Tavanandi makes the call with dA sQ.

Board cQ d6 c22 s8 h7 gives Sameer a pair of Queens to knock our Archit.

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DSC07506Farukh Shaikh (19th) & Manish Goenka (18th) eliminated

6:15 PM Level 21: 6000/12,000/1000

Farukh Shaikh got eliminated in 19th for Rs 60,000 followed by Manish Goenka in 18th place. Manish lost a big pot to Mukunda D in hA hK vs sA c3. Board c2 s5 dj s10 h4 gave Mukunda straight.

In the last hand, Manish played, he was up against Rajat Sharma with sA d9 and Rajat has cA h4. With two more fours on the board, Rajat hit trips to knockout out Manish. Manish bags Rs 70,000 in cash prize.

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Jimmy Arora doubles up

5:58 PM Level 21: 6000/12,000/1000

Rashidullah opens with 24,000 and StarPoker pro Jimmy shoves around 100,000. Rashid calls to showdown.

Jimmy: dQ hQ

Rashid: h8 s8

Board ran s3 d9 cK cJ dJ and Jimmy collects the pot with better 2-pairs.

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DSC_0521Simon Mint at the top

5:47 PM Level 20: 5000/10,000/1000

Simon Mint has stacked up to 480,000 and is leading the remaining players. Here are top chip counts:

Simon 480,000

Nikita 466,000

Revanth – 45,000

Punit Dua – 390,000

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Revanth gets a double up

5:35 PM Level 20: 5000/10,000/1000

Revanth opens with 21,000 and Abhishek Jalan makes it 55,000. Revanth goes all-in and Abhishek makes the call.

Revanth: dA cA

Abhishek: dJ sJ

Board h10 c2 h2 s5 h9 didn’t make any change and Revanth collects the pot.

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Harjas wadha (22) Pradep Singh (21) eliminated

5:24 PM Level 19: 4000/8000/1000

Next to get eliminated was Harjas Wadhwa in 22nd place for Rs 50,000. In the last hand of Pradeep Singh, Girish shoved his stack with dQ h9 from Button and he called off from the Big Blind with c8 s8.

Board ran c10 h7 s9 h3 d10  eliminating Pradeep in 21st place. He bagged Rs 60,000.

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DSC065032 Quick eliminations  – Ujjwal Rana (24th) & Guruprasad Rana (23)

5:05 PM Level 19: 4000/8000/1000

After all 24 player got into the money, Ujjawal Rana and Guruprasad Gupta for eliminated on 2 tables. Ujjwal placed 24th bagging Rs 50,000 and Guruprasad Gupta finished 23rd for the same prize money

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We are in the money

4:48 AM Level 19: 4000/8000/1000

With 2 players getting eliminated in the same hand on Table 20, the remaining 24 are in the money now. Here are the payouts:

1 – 13,55,000

2- 8,35,000

3- 6,10,000

4- 4,50,000

5- 3,40,000

6- 2,60,000

7- 2,00,000

8- 1,55,000

9- 1,25,000

10-12 – 1,00,000

13-15 – 85,000

16-18 – 70,000

19-21 – 60,000

22-24 – 50,000

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GuruPrasad looses a major part of his stack

4:48 AM Level 18: 3000/6000/1000

Guru open form UTG and StarPoker pro Jimmy Arora shoves 110,000. Guru calls to showdown:

Jimmy: cQ hQ

Guru: h9 c9

Table d6 hA hK h7 c2 brought no help to Guru and Jimmy takes down the pot.

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DSC07846Top 3 chip counts of remaining 28 players

4:23 AM Level 18: 3000/6000/1000

Nikita Luther leads the last 28 players with 414,000 chips while Abhishek Jalan is 2nd with 404,000 and Girish has 300,000 chips.

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DSC_0523Tarun Goyal eliminated

4:12 AM Level 18: 3000/6000/1000

Ujjwal Rana goes all-in with over 70,000 chips preflop and Tarun Goyal makes the call. Ujjwal has him covered in stack. At the showdown:

Ujjwal: sK s7

Tarun: s1 h10

Community dJ c7 s2 h7 cJ gives Ujjwal trips of 7 to knock out Tarun.

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DSC_0520Rajat Sharma takes it down against Deepak KhubChandani

3:58 AM Level 17: 2000/4000/500

One player limps and Deepak goes all-in with c10 d10 and Rajat makes the call with his ladies hQ sQ. Deepak gets unlucky on river as Rajat hits a set with cQ falling.

One player limps and Deepak goes all-in with c10 d10 and Rajat makes the call with his ladies hQ sQ. Deepak gets unlucky on river as Rajat hits a set with cQ falling.

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DSC_0521Simon Mint stacks up

3:32 AM Level 17: 2000/4000/500

Simon opened 10,300 and on opponent announces all-in with 47,000. Simon calls to showdown:

Opponent: cQ c8

Simon: hK c3

The dealer brings dJ cK c6 s7 cJ giving the pot to Simon for his King-pair hand.

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Sandeep Triples up; Arvind Eliminated

3:14 AM Level 17: 2000/4000/500

Farookh opens 11,000 to which Arvind goes all-in 38,300 with h6 s6. Sandeep shove calls 37,200 with hQ dQ and Farookh calls with sA sQ.

Community runs dK sJ d4 s3 hJ and Sandeep takes down the pot with 2 pairs to triple up.

Arvind is left with 1200 chips which he goes all-in with in the next hand and gets eliminated.

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Main Event Day 2 starts

3:14 AM Level 17: 2000/4000/500