Baazi Poker Tour June 2016 25K Main Event – Live Reporting

Day 1 ends; Nikita Luther leads the remaining 40 players

Here are the chip counts

Table 19:

Tarun Goyal – 147,000

Varun Gulati – 144,000

Ravi Chandran – 140,000

Sumanth Kumar – 139,500

Raj Talwar – 112,500

Harjas Wadhwa – 86,500

Vinod Megalmani – 81,100

Ujjwal Rana – 60,600

Revath – 54,900

Amit Tejwa – 12,500

Table 20:

Archit Khandelwal – 90,500

Rajat Sharma – 173,900

Jeenendra Arora – 106,500

Mukunda D – 41,400

Nikita Luther – 323,800

Manish Goenka – 186,300

Deepak Khubchandani – 134,500

Eka Venarthan – 243,600

Puneet Dua – 86,200

Ankit Jurkhud – 74,100

Table 21:

Arjun Dhingra – 285,000

Ankush Agrwala – 117,900

Girish S – 180,700

Simon Mint – 74,800

Bhargav – 84,400

Pradeep Singh – 96,400

Sameer Chaturvedi – 146,100

Saurash Mittal – 63,600

Dakshit Mehta – 38,800

Abhishek Panda – 74,500

Table 22:

Abhishek Salan – 221,900

Arvind – 47,100

Rashadul Hasan – 153,800

Sandeep B – 50,100

Rakesh Sharma – 44,600

Vinayak Lal – 41,600

Guruprasad Gupta – 167,000

Amit Kumar Chopra – 29,500

Saurash Jain – 177,600

Farukh Saikh – 69,700

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Abhishek Jalan triples up

5:04 AM Level 16: 1500/3000/300

Abhishek Jalan was all-in preflop 34,200 with cA s10 and got called by Zeeshan having s3 h3 and one more opponent with dA hQ. Flop d10 h5 s5  gave Abhishek 2 pair with top kicker. He went on to win the pot with sk h7.

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Top chip counts; Nikita Luther leading

4:50 AM Level 16: 1500/3000/300

Nikita Luther is leading the remaining 49 players. Here are the top chip counts:

Nikita Luther – 250,000

Eka – 190,000

Girish – 160,000

Vinay – 150,000

Sumanth – 130,000

Santosh Suvarna – 102,000

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DSC0770957 players remaining at the end of 15 levels; Break Time

4:20 AM Level 15: 1200/2400/300

The tournament is down to 57 players and will be played till last 40 players. The game will resume on Sunday at 3PM.

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Rajat Sharma eliminates S P Behera

4:07 AM Level 15: 1200/2400/300

S P Behera goes all-in preflop 27,000 with s9s10 and Rajat Sharma called off with h10c10. The dealer brought hqd5cqdkh7 and Rajat Sharma takes down the pot eliminating S P Behera.

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Deepak Khubchandani doubles up

3:45 AM Level 14: 1000/2000/200

Deepak goes all-in preflop 35,000 with cqsq and Harjas Wadhwa calls with d1hk. Table runs d6s10h7c6h9 giving the pot to Deepak.

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DSC07275Vikram Kumar eliminated by Nikita Luther

3:14 AM Level 13: 800/1600/200

PokerBaazi pro Vikram opens 4100 from UTG+1 and Nikita calls to see the flop c4c6h8. Vikram leads out 8,000 and Nikita bets to put Vikram all-in. Vikram calls and shows d1c8 while Nikita had skc10. Turn comes h10 and Nikita takes down the pot as river bricks. Vikram Kumar departs from the main event.

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80 players left; Niranjan leads with 180,000 chips

2:58 AM Level 13: 800/1600/200

Here are the top 5 chip counts of the field:

Niranjan – 180,000

Sumanth – 176,000

Nikita Luther – 164,000

Archit Khandelwal – 110,000

Ankit – 100,000

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DSC07620Sanket doubles up to survive

2:34 AM Level 13: 800/1600/200

Sanket shoved his short stack of 9000 with h1cj and Ronak Agarwal called with cksk. Sanket hits one card flush with c9h10hqh4h5 on table.

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DSC07715Kanishka Samant eliminated by Arvind

2:12 AM Level 12: 600/1200/200

Kanishka shoves 18,000 stack with d1s7. One opponent with c1sj calls and Arvind from Small Blind reshoves with h1hk. On community c9 h5 d5 s10 c2, Arvind takes down the pot and Kanishka gets eliminated.

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Santosh Suvarna takes it down with set of eights

 1:48 AM Level 12: 600/1200/200

Santosh opens 2300 and Vinayak calls to see the flop c6 c7 sK. Santosh leads out 2800 and Vinayak calls. On Turn d8, Santosh bets 4800 and gets a call again. On river s5, Santosh checks, Vinayak bets 13,500.

Santosh calls and collects the pot with a set of eights (c8 h8 hole cards).

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Payouts announced; 43.4 Lacs in prize pool

1:36 AM Level 11: 500/1000/100

With 217 entries, a prize pool of 43.4 Lacs has been generated in the BPT Main Event. 24 places are paid with a minimum cash prize of Rs 50,000 while the winner will take home Rs 13,55,000. Here are the payouts:

1 – 13,55,000

2- 8,35,000

3- 6,10,000

4- 4,50,000

5- 3,40,000

6- 2,60,000

7- 2,00,000

8- 1,55,000

9- 1,25,000

10-12 – 1,00,000

13-15 – 85,000

16-18 – 70,000

19-21 – 60,000

22-24 – 50,000

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Krishna G eliminated by Eka

1:22 AM Level 11: 500/1000/100

In a hand prior tot he last hand of Krishna, he opened 2500 preflop which Eka raised to 6000 and he called. On dQ c8 s4 flop, Eka bet 7000 which Krishna called. Turn came h2 and Eka moved all-in. Krishna folded while Eka showed his bluff c9 d3.

In the last hand, Krishna moved all-in 10,000 with s3 d3 and Eka makes the call with cA d10. Eka hits another Ace on the flop beating Krishna.

Krishna gets eliminated form the main event.

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DSC07730Kavish Kukreja eliminated by Anup Palod

1:08 AM Level 10: 400/800/100

Kavish went all-in preflop with d8 s8 and an opponent calls with cA cQ while Anup Palod in small blind calls with hA dA. The board ran dry rewarding the pot to Anup Palod having top pair. Kavish got eliminated and Anup stacks up to 70,000.

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Sonu Singh eliminated by Ratul

12:59 AM Level 10: 400/800/100

Sonu Singh goes preflop all-in with s9c9 and Ratul holding h1cq calls. Community sK d5 hJ c2 sQ gives Ratul a bigger pair on river knocking out Sonu Singh.

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DSC07670Jasven eliminated by Vineet Kumar

12:48 AM Level 10: 400/800/100

Vineet Kumar opened with 1200 and Jasven went preflop all-in with dkhq. Vinit calls with ckhk. Community d9s8c3h7c6 gave the pot to Vinit for Kings-pair. Jasveen departed from the 25K Main Event.

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Top chip counts

12:30 AM Level 9: 300/600/50

Sumanth – 110,000

Archit Khandelwal – 100,000

Nikita Luther – 98,900

Vinod Megalmani – 89,000

Yogesh – 80,000

Deepak Khubchandani – 75,500

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Break Time

12:25 AM Level 9: 300/600/50

Tournament is on a break of 20 minutes as an extra level of 250/500 was added.

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Siddharth Sighvi eliminated

12:24 AM Level 9: 300/600/50

A few hands ago, Archit Khandelwal opened 1950 and Siddharth 3-bet it to 4900. Archit flats to see the flop dA c6 c4. Sidhharth bets 3600 and Archit calls. Turn sJ,  Siddharth checks, Archit moves all-in with 11,000. Siddharth folds.

In the last hand he played, Siddharth was all-in preflop with dA hQ and the opponent called with dJ sJ. Siddharth gets eliminated as the board provide no help to improve his hand.

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DSC07696Sanjay Taneja busts Amit

12:05 AM Level 9: 300/600/50

Sanjay opens 1500 to which Amit shoved his stack of 7500. Sanjay makes the call.

Amit: cK sQ

Sanjay: cA c2

Table runs dQ hQ sA d10 dA giving the pot to Sanjay and eliminating Amit.

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DSC07916Samoh doubles up through Vineet Kumar

11:40 PM Level 9: 300/600/50

Spartan Poker pro Sangeet Mohan goes all-in 6950 chips preflop with dksk and gets called by Vineet. Vineet shows h1h5. Community dqd10d3d6h4 gives Samoh a king high flush to win the pot.

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Rishabh Jain vs Anirudh

11:28 PM Level 8: 250/500/50

Rishabh opens 1700 and Anirudh calls. The dealer brings d9d4h3 and Rishabh leads out 2000 which Anirudh calls. Turn dq and River sq gets checked.

Anirudh: s6s7

Rishabh: s1sk

Anirudh misses his straight and Rishabh collect the pot.

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Arvind Abraham chipping up

11:15 PM Level 8: 300/600/50

Aditya Kumar opens 1200 preflop which Alok and Arvind calls to see the flop h3c7s9. Aditya checks, Alok bets 1800 which Arvind calls but Aditya folds.

On turn s2, Alok checks while Arvind bets 2000. Alok folds.

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Jagsy Chahal eliminated

10:54 PM Level 7: 200/400/50

Jaggi was up against Mohit Aroa all-in with skhj while Mohit had c8c2.

Flop s8hqdq gave Mohit 2 pairs and s7 on turn & d10 on river meants the end of torunament for Jaggi.

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Devesh Thapar folds to Simon Mint

10:42 PM Level 7: 200/400/50

Devesh opens 625 which Simon raises to 1750. Devesh calls to see the floph7h8s3. Simon leads out 2100 and Devesh calls. The dealer brings d9 on turn and both the players check. On river dq, Simon bets 3400 to which Devesh folds.

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Maria Kirloskar eliminatedDSC07923

10:32 PM Level 6: 150/300/25

Maria went all-in with c8d8 and gets called by Guneet holding c1d1. maria needed help form on the table to survive but the community cards d4cjsqh5h7 could save her form getting eliminated.

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DSC07482Yogesh Sawana doubles up through Prabhakar Che

10:13 PM Level 5: 100/200/25

Yogesh goes all-in preflop with his stack of over 4,000 and gets a call from Prabhakar Che.

Yogesh: c9 d9

Prabhakar: sA hK

Community runs hA cA s5 d3 s9 giving Yogeah a full house to double up.

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DSC07846Irshad Chaudhary folds to Nikita

9:58 PM Level 5: 100/200/25

Irshad opens 675 which Nikita calls from small blind. Nikita checks on the flop h10 c6 h3 while Irshad bets 1100. Nikita raises to 1600 which Irshad calls to see the turn card s4. Nikita bets 3200 and Irshad calls. The dealer brings d6 on river and Nikita bets 20,000. Irshad folds.

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DSC07401Nishant Sharma vs Abhishek Panda

9:32 PM Level 4: 100/200/0

Abhishek Panda opens 600 and 3 players including Nishant Sharma calls to see the flop hQ h10 d4. Panda leads out 700 and Nishant 3-bets to 1700. Turn is d10, Panda checks while Nishant bets 2100. Panda calls and the dealer brings c10 on the river. Panda bets 4800 which Nishant tank calls to showdown.

Abhishek Panda: sk cK

Nishant Sharma: hA cQ

Abhishek Panda takes down the pot with higher full house.

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Jaydeep Dawer chipping up

9:15 PM Level 4: 100/200/0

On flop d8 s9 h7, all 3 players in the hand – Rahul Melwani, Jaydeep Dawer and Vinaya checks. Turn c7 also gets checked around. On river cJ, Melwani checks and Dawer bets 1500. Vinayak and Melwani folds.

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Harjas Wadhwa vs Vineet Kumar

9:10 PM Level 4: 100/200/0

Vineet Kumar opens 600 and Harjas Wadhwa 3-bet to 1500.  Vineet calls and the dealer brings d6 d2 h4 on flop. Harjas leads out 2200 to which Vineet gave a thought and decided to fold.

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170 players at the end of Level 2

8:25 PM Level 3: 75/150/0

The main event has drawn 170 players till now and the late registration period is still open for 2 more levels.

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94 players in the Main Event

7:28 PM Level 1: 25/50/0

The tournament started at 7:15PM and it has drawn 94 entries till now. Anil Gulati, Pranay Kapoor, Sangeeth Mohan, Vikram Kumar, Abhihsek Panda, Anup Palod, Rajat Sharma, Maria Kirloskar are among the notable players in the field.

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Main Event StartsDSC06240

With 50K High Roller event running in parallel, the 25K Main Event of Baazi Poker Tour has begun. The tournament brings 20 Lac in guaranteed prize pool. The players will get started with a stack of 20,000 chips at a blind of 25/50 and a blind interval of 35 minutes. Late registrations will be open till the 4th level of game. Good Luck everyone.