Baazi Poker Tour June 2016 50K HighRoller – Live Reporting

Heads up deal made; Shashank takes home the trophyDSC08011 - Copy

9:40 PM Level 25: 20,000/40,000/5000

Shashank Desai and Pranjal Batra decided to divide the money between them giving 14.5 Lacs to Shashank Desai as well as the high roller trophy. Pranjal takes home Rs 18.1 Lacs in cash prize.

“Feeling incredible finishing on the top in such a field and structure. It’s my first title this year. Thank You Hanuman Ji..! I will be playing main event now”, said Shashank Desai.

Speaking to OPN, Pranjal said, “It was my first ever live tournament. It was a nice structured event and I like 6-max as it generates more action. Had a few ups & downs but I didn’t go on tilt. Also got lucky at 1 or 2 instances. Feeling good but tired at the same time. I’ll not play the main and take rest for a while.”

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DSC06380Kartik Ved finishes 3rd taking home Rs 9,05,000

9:18 PM Level 25: 20,000/40,000/5000

Karik went up against chip leader Pranjal with his hole cards h1h5 while Pranjal had dqs10.

Community came d7h3s3d2s10 giving Pranjal a pair on the river to take down the pot and knock out Kartik in 3rd place. Kartik bagged Rs 9.05 Lacs in cash prize.

Now, the 50K High Roller event id down to heads up between Pranjal & Shashank Desai.

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DSC07445Jasven Saigal finishes 4th for Rs 6.5 Lacs

9:03 PM Level 24: 15,000/30,000/5000

Pranjal opened 70,000 with cA hJ to which Jasven from Small Blind moved all-in with c8 s8. The board ran hK h5 s6 h9 s3 on which Panjal’s pocket eights hold. Jasven Saigal places 4th in the tournament bagging Rs 6.5 Lacs.

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IMG_7434C V K Sam finishes 5th for Rs 5,05,000

8:50 PM Level 24: 15,000/30,000/5000

Jasven from cut-off open raised to 75,000 to which Sam goes all-in from button.

Jasven: cjd10

Sam: d1d5

Table: c8s10h8h5s3

Jasven takens down the pot with bigger pair and Sam departs in 5th place.

Speaking to OPN, Sam said,” I started playing live poker 1 year ago and final table the IPC HR in December. I happy with my game. I’ll join the Main Event and hope to run good”

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DSC07430Sridhar finishes 6th for Rs 3,65,000

8:30 PM Level 23: 12,000/24,000/4000

In Sb vs BB war, Sridhar went all-in with h1h4 and Jasven calls with ckhk. Jasveen was leading preflop and with the board running c2 s4 h10 sJ dK, he takes down the pot and knocks out Sridhar.

Final table formed; Here are the chip counts

8:25 PM Level 23: 12,000/24,000/4000

DSC07466Jasveen saigal is leading the final table of 6 players with 14,05,000 chips. Here are the other chip counts:

Pranjal Batra – 10,22,000

Kartik Ved – 6,97,000

Shashank Desai – 4,98,000

C V K Sam – 3,91,000

Sridhar – 3,27,000

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Zeeshan finishes 7th for Rs 2.9 Lacs

7:45 PM Level 23: 12,000/24,000/4000

Kartik opens 50,000 with s1 h8and Zeeshan moves all-in with dkd9. Kartik calls and takes down the pot as board brings no help to Zeeshan.

Zeeshan goes out in 7th place leaving 6 players for the final table.

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DSC07424Kishore DP finishes 8th for Rs 2.2 Lac

7:30 PM Level 23: 12,000/24,000/4000

Pranjal open raises to 55,000 to which Kishore moves all-in and Pranjal calls.

Kishore: d1s10

Pranjal: c1ck

On flop h8c9hj, Kishore picks a straight draw but fails to complete with s6 on turn and dkon river. Pranjal takes down the pot and knocks him out. Kishore takes home Rs 2,20,000.

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DSC07442Vinod Megalmani finishes 9th for Rs 2,20,000

6:48 PM Level 22: 10,000/20,000/3000

Vinod moved all-in preflop with 180,000 and Jasven called to showdown.

Vinod: sjd9

Jasven: h1c9

Table: d10h10dkhks9

jasev collects the pot and knocks out Vinod in 9th place. Vinod takes home Rs 2.2 Lac. Jasven is leading the remaining 8 players with 1.5 million chips.

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Deepak Kempegowda finishes 10th for Rs 1.8 LacsDSC07432

6:32 PM Level 22: 10,000/20,000/3000

Sridhar opens with 32,000 and Deepak Kempegowda moves all-in and Sridhar makes the call.

Deepak: cqdq

Sridhar: d1c1

Deepak doesn’t get any help from the community and gets eliminated. He takes home Rs 1.8 Lacs in cash prize.

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Jasven Saigal stacking upDSC07445

6:20 PM Level 22: 8000/16000/2000

In this hand Jasven raised to 40K from button which Zeeshan called to see the flop c7s6s7. Zeeshan checks, Jsaven bets 50,000. Zeeshan check raises to 150,000 which Jsaven calls.

On Turn d8, Zeeshan fires up another 110,000 to which Jasven announces all-in. Zeeshan tanks and decides to fold. Jasven has now a stack of 1.2 million.

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DSC07490Kanishka Samant finishes 11th for Rs 1,45,000

5:52 PM Level 22: 8000/16000/2000

Zeeshan opened with 42,000 to which Kanishka Samant announced all-in. Zeeshan made the call to showdown.

Zeeshan: d7c7

Kanishka: d1dk

Board ran h10s6c6d5h9 gave Zeeshan two pairs to knock out Kanishka Samant. Kanishka bagged Rs 1.45 Lacs in prize money.

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25K Main Event to start at 7PM, Satellites going on

5:46 PM Level 22: 8000/16000/2000

The 25K Main Event of Baazi Poker Tour will start at 7PM. Players in the poker room are playing the satellite to the main event currently.

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DSC07482Prabhakar Che finishes 12th for Rs 1,45,000

5:35 PM Level 21: 6000/12000/2000

Prabhakar went all-in preflop with 48,000 chips and Sridhar made the call.

Prabhakar: cjc6

Sridhar: c1d9

Community ran h9 dK s6 d7 cQ rewarding the pot to Sridhar and busting Prabhakar in 12th place.

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Prateek Jain finishes 13th for Rs 1,45,000DSC07467

5:22 PM Level 21: 6000/12000/2000

Prateek Jain limped and Zeeshan raised to 30,000 from Bing Blind. Prateek went all-in with 180,000 and Zeeshan made the call.

Prateek: dA sK

Zeeshan: cA hJ

Prateek was leading till turn c6 h6 hQ h8 but the river dJ gave Zeeshan two pairs to take down the pot and eliminate Prateek Jain.

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Clawin D’Souza finishes 14th for Rs 1,10,000DSC07472

5:13 PM Level 21: 6000/12000/2000

PokerHigh pro Clawin went all-in preflop with skhq and Star Poker pro Kartik Ved made the call with dqd10.

Community h4d5d6dkd1 completed Kartik’s flush to eliminate Clawin in 14th place.

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Md. Rashidullah finishes 15thDSC07457

4:45 PM Level 20: 5000/10000/1000

Rahsidullah opened 24000 to which Jasven went all-in and he made the call.

Jasven: s8c8

Rashidullah: c1cq

Table: c7d7s10s2sk couldnt save Rashidullah from getting eliminated. He took home Rs 1,10,000.

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Chip count of 15 ITM players

4:38 PM Level 20: 5000/10000/1000

Sridhar – 670,000

Vinod Megalmani- 570,000

Panjal – 480,000

Kartik Ved – 410,000

Jasven Saigal – 380,000

Zeeshan – 350,000

Prateek Jain – 250,000

Kishore DP – 250,000

Shashank Desai – 220,000

Deepak Kempegowda – 182,000

Prabhakaran Che – 159,000

Rashidullah – 157,000

Sam – 132,000

Clawin D’Souja – 120,000

Kanishka Samant – 80,000

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Paawan Bansal becomes the unlucky bubble; 15 players are in the money now

4:25 PM Level 20: 5000/10000/1000

Vinod opened 18,000 preflop to which PokerBaazi pro Paawan Bansal pushed 72,000 all-in. At the showdown:

Vinod: c8 s8

Paawan: d1hk

Flop d3c4d5 gave Paawan a hope with a straight draw but s6cj on turn & river kncoked him out.

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Bubble Time

4:20 PM Level 20: 5000/10000/1000

Hand for hand is going on for last 20 minutes as the tournament has reached it bubble time.

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Zarvan Tumboli eliminated 2 places shy of ITMIMG_7292

3:59 PM Level 19: 4000/8000/1000

Zarvan was all-in in the last hand he played against Sridhar.

Zarvan: hqdk

Sridhar: h1cq

*Zarvan & Sridhar both paired up on flop sqs3c9 and Sridhar made 2-pairs as turn card d1 opened. With hj on river, he knocked out Zarvan.

*Corrected board

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Kunal Kubba eliminated

3:51 PM Level 19: 4000/8000/1000

Pranjal is running hot and has knocked out another player on his table. Kunal Kubba was up against him with c5h5 while he had d6h6. He took down the pot and eliminated Kunal as board didn’t bring any change.

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Rakesh Reddy gets unlucky

3:42 PM Level 19: 4000/8000/1000

Rakesh opens with 20,000 and Pranjal bets to put Rakesh all-in for his stack of 130,000. Rakesh calls.

Pranjal: s10s4

Rakesh: d1hk

Community ran h2c4c7d10h3 pairing Pranjal on turn to take down the pot and knock out Rakesh Reddy.

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Zeeshan vs Vinod

3:31 PM Level 18: 3000/6000/1000

Vinod Megalmani opens with 14,000 and Zeeshan calls. On flop s1skcq, Vinod leads out 16,000 and Zeeshan calls again. Turn h8 gets checked and river s8 gets checked too.

Zeeshan shows ckh7 to collect the pot as Vinod mucks his hand.

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Day 2 starts; Arjun Dhingra eliminated

3:15 PM Level 18: 3000/6000/1000

The 24 players resumed their battle to win the BPT 50K HighRoller title at 3Pm today. In the first few hands played on Day 2, the shortest stack among 24 players got eliminated.

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24 remaining players to return on Saturday at 3PM

7:48 AM Level 17: 2500/5000/500

The 24 survivors of Day 1 game will resume the battle for High Roller championship at 3PM. Here are the table wise chip counts:

Table 14:

R. Sridhar 425,000
Paawan Bansal 160,000
Sahil Chutani 130,000
Charli Vikram Kaushik 118,000
Prabhakaran S 72,000
Arjun Dhingra                    43,000

Table 16:

Pranjal Batra 217,000
Kunal Kubba 177,000
Zarvan Tumboli 166,000
Deepak Kempegowda 159,000
Rakesh Reddy 110,000
Shashank Desai 85,000

Table 17:

Vinod R H 400,000
Prateek Jain 335,000
Jasven Saigal 326,000
Zeeshan 215,000
M. Rashadul Hasan 121,000
Jatin Kukreja 102,000

Table 18:

Kartik Ved 254,000
Kishore D B 246,000
Clawin D’Souza 196,000
Gurpal Singh 126,000
Sundeep Valecha 71,000
Kaniska Samant 66,000

DSC_6675Rahul Melwani eliminated

7:28 AM Level 17: 2500/5000/500

Rahul Melwani got eliminated just shy of the the Day 2 in BPT 50K High Roller event. In his last hand, he open jammed 19BB stack with c9s9 and got a call from Kishore D B. Kishore showed h1sk and hit a pair of kings with ck on turn.

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Eka’s top set busted; Gets eliminated by Zeeshan

7:16 AM Level 17: 2500/5000/500

Eka opens with 10,000 and Zeeshan calls. Flop dqc1s2 gets checked by both of them. On Turn cj, Eka bet 12,000 which Zeesan calls again. River comes d9 and Eka moves all-in which Zeeshan snap calls.

Eka: s1d1

Zeeshan: skc10

Eka’s set of Aces lost to Zeeshan’s Ace high straight and he departs.

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Vinod Megalmani take it down from Prateek Jain

7:04 AM Level 17: 2500/5000/500

In the preflop action, Prateek bets 10,000 and Vinod flats to see the flop ckd10h5. Vinod checks and Prateek bets 15,000 which Vinod calls. Turn s7, Vinod checks again and Prateek bets 25,000. Vinod calls and the dealer brings h2 on river. Both the players check and Vinod shows d7s10 to collect the pot with 2 pairs.

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Sundeep Valecha doubles up through Paawan Bansal

6:43 AM Level 16: 2000/4000/500

Sundeep Valecha moved all-in preflop with 42,500 chips and Paawan Bansal called to showdown:

Paawan: s2c2

Sundeep: dqsk

The dealer brought s3h8c8h7c7 and rewarded the pot to Sundeep for better kicker.

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Nishant doubles up with one-card straight

6:35 AM Level 16: 2000/4000/500

Nishant moved all-in preflop with c1d6 hole cards and 35,000 chips. He got a call from one opponent who shows h2s2.

Nishant got lucky as the board ran s5h3h4s1s7 giving him a straight to double up.

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IMG_7076Kanishka Samant wins it from Shashank Desai

6:23 AM Level 16: 2000/4000/500

Kanishka opens with 4500 which Shashank and Zeesan calls to see the flop ckh5sq. Knishaka leads out with 12000, Shashank calls while Zeesan fold. On Turn c5 the board pairs, Kanishka checks while Shashank bets 18,000. Kanishka calls and the delaer brings dk on river. Both the players checks and Kanishka shows c1cq to claim the pot while Shashank mucks his hand.

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Abhineet Jain eliminated by Paawan Bansal

6:10 AM Level 15: 1500/3000/500

Abhineet was down to 15K after loosing a hand to Paawan Bansal. In his last hand, He shoved his stack with d7d3 and Paawan called with s1d5. Community ran hks2d1dkc1 giving Paawan a full house to knock out Abhineet.

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Hemant Arora gets eliminated by Deepak Kempegowda

5:54 AM Level 15: 1500/3000/500

Hemant moved all-in preflop with his remaining 32,000 chips & skhj and Deepak called with h1h9. Deepak hits a pair of nines with c9 coming on river.

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Kunal Kubba wins a big pot from Hemant Arora

5:42 AM Level 15: 1500/3000/500

Deepak Kempegowda bets 20,000 preflop to which Kunal Kubba goes all-in with 46500 and Hemant Arora too shove his stack of 79,500. Deepak folds. At the showdown:

Kunal: dkck

Hemant: cjhj

The board runs h8c9dqc8s9 giving the pot to Kunal Kubba for better 2 pairs.

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39 players left at the end of 14th level

5:28 AM Level 15: 1500/3000/500

Sridhar is leading the remaining 39 player’s field with 340,000. Here are the other top chip counts:

Pranjal – 280,000

Prateek Jain – 275,000

Vinod Megalmani – 267,000

Jasven Saigal – 244,000

Jatin – 170,000

Paawan Bansal – 150,000

Deepak Kempegowda – 135,000

Sahil Chutani – 132,000

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Abhineet Jain doubles up through Sahil Chutani

5:15 AM Level 14: 1200/2400/400

Sahil opens with 5300 preflop and Abhineet moves all-in with over 45,000 chips. Sahil makes the call.

Abhineet: sA cj

Sahil: dA hK

Community s3 dJ hQ h1 d4 gives Abhineet 2 pairs to win the pot.

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Rajesh doubles up with a quad

5:00 AM Level 14: 1200/2400/400

Anant opens with 4,800 from UTG which Rajesh & Nishant calls. On flop sK d5 c2, Rajesh checks, Anant bets 7500 and Nishant raises to 15,000. Rajesh moves all-in with his remaining stack, Anant folds while Nishant calls.

Nishant: s2 h2

Rajesh: h5 c5

Rajesh was leading on flop with higher set over Nishant’s set of deuces. With s5 coming on river, he hit his quads and wins a huge pot.

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Bharath eliminated by Pranjal

4:52 AM Level 14: 1200/2400/400

On flop c10 c7 s8, Pranjal bet 25K to which Bharath announced all-in with 15k on the top. Pranjal called to showdown:

Bharath: cA c4

Pranjal: sK d9

Bharath picked a pair on turn sA while he got unlucky with dJ coming river which completed Pranjal’s straight.

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Shashank Deasi wins it from Krishna SM

4:40 AM Level 14: 1200/2400/400

Shashank opens with 4800 which Krishna, Kartik and Kanishka calls to see the flop c6 d6 c9. All 4 players check and the dealer brings c3 on turn.

Shashank leads out 7000 and Krishna calls while Kartik & Kanishka folds. On River h2 Shashank checks while Krishna bets 12,400. Shashank tank calls. Krishna says Ace high while Shashank shows h8 c8 to take down the pot.

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Jimmy Arora eliminated by Anil GulatiIMG_7090

4:20 AM Level 13: 1000/2000/300

Irshad Chaudahry bet 5800preflop which Anil Gulati called while Jimmy Aroa wnet all-in with 25K on top. Irshad fold while Gulati makes the call. At the showdown:

Jimmy: hA d9

Gulati: hk h10

The board ran sK s2 h3 s7 h6 and Anil Gulati knocked out Jimmy Arora with a king-pair hand.

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Vaibhav Sharma eliminated by GovardhanDSC07154

3:54 AM Level 12: 800/1600/200

Short stacked Vaibhav Sharma (17,000) went all-in pre-flop with hA s8 and Govardhan called with dK dQ. The table ran sJ c9 cK c6 h4 giving Govardhan a pair of Kings to take down the pot.

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Clawin D’Souza eliminates Jaydeep Dawer

3:46 AM Level 12: 800/1600/200

Jaydeep opens 3700 which Harjas Wadha and Guruprasad Gupta calls. Clawin raise it to 14,000 to which Jaydeep announces all-in. Harjas & Guru folds while Clawin calls to showdown:

Jaydeep: hA hQ

Clawin: dA cA

Community: sK s3 d6 dJ d8 

Clawin’s rockets bust Jaydeep out of the tournament.

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24 players to return tomorrow at 3PM

3:32 AM Level 12: 800/1600/200

The tournament director has announced that today’s gameplay in BPT 50K High Roller event will stop at last 24 players. The remaining 24 players will return back tomorrow to resume the action at 3PM.

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Prize pool of Rs 72.5 Lacs to be divided among top 15 players

3:20 AM Level 12: 800/1600/200

15 players will take home cash prizes from the BPT 50K HighRoller event. The champion will get 20.3 Lacs with the trophy. Here are the payouts:

1st – 20,30,000

2nd – 12,30,000

3rd – 9,05,000

4th – 6,50,000

5th – 5,05,000

6th – 3,65,000

7th – 2,90,000

8th – 2,20,000

9th – 2,20,000

10th – 1,80,000

11th – 13th – 1,45,000

14th – 15th – 1,10,000

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Arun Popli folds to Rahul Melwani

3:12 AM Level 12: 800/1600/200

Rahul Melwani opens with 3500 which Arun Popali calls to see the flop cards h4 d5 s5. Both the players check and the dealer brings c6 on turn. Rahul bets 5000 to which Arun gives a thought for a while and decides to fold.

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End of Level 11; 58 players remaining; Top chip Counts

3:00 AM Level 12: 800/1600/200

Krishna Sm is leading the remaining field at the end of level 11 with 189,400 chips. At the average stack of 75K, here are the other top chip counts:

Vinod Megalmani – 188,500

Pranjal – 183,000

Sridhar – 148,000

Kanishka Samant – 145,000

Anant – 142,000

Abhineet Jain – 106,000

Tarun Goyal – 105,000

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DSC07328Jasven Saigal takes it down from Eka

2:42 AM Level 11: 600/1200/200

Javen opens with 2800 preflop which Eka called to see the flop s3 h8 d6. Jasven bets 3000 and Eka calls.

On turn c3, Jasven bets 6700 and Eka calls again. River d4 gets checked by both the players. Jasven shows s6 s8 to claim the pot with 2 pairs.

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Anirudh Chaudhary and Shashwat Agarwal busted in 3-way pot

2:28 AM Level 10: 500/1000/100

Shashwat  Agarwal bet 3000 from button which Krishna called while Anirudh from Big Blind went all-in. Shashwat too moved all-in and Krishna who was covering both of them called to showdown:

Shashwat: hK dJ

Krishna: sA hQ

Anirudh: dQ cQ

Community hA s3 h5 sA d7 gave Krishna a set of Aces to take down the pot and eliminate Shashwat and Anirudh together.

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IMG_7076Varun Gulati eliminated by Kanishka Samant

2:16 AM Level 10: 500/1000/100

Varun Gulati went all-in with d5 c5 on the flop s3 s6 h5  and Kanishka Samant holding d6 c6 called. Turn h2 & River sK didn’t bring any help to Varun. He got eliminated from the tournament.

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DSC07184Ashish folds to Sarad Rao

2:04 AM Level 10: 500/1000/100

On flop sJ s3 d9, Sarad bet 5100 which Ashish called. The turn card d10 got checked by both the players. On river c5, Sarad fired another 13,200 to which Ashish gave a long thought and decided to fold.

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DSC07391Sanket Sanganeria eliminated

1:52 AM Level 10: 500/1000/100

Sanket who had a stack of 78,000 lost with hA sA to an opponent having c7 h9 hitting 2 pairs with community hQ c9 d2 c7 h8. 

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Keshav eliminated by Ashish

1:44 AM Level 10: 500/1000/100

Sarad Rao opened with 2000 and Keshav moved all-in with 14,000. Ashish pushed all-in from behind while Sarad folded. At the showdown:

Keshav: d5 c5

Ashish: dA hQ

Community hA hQ hJ sQ d3 gave the pot to Ashish for his full house eliminating Keshav.

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DSC07232Prabhakar Che doubles up to survive

1:32 PM Level 9: 400/800/100

Short stacked Prabhakar went all-in preflop with 11,500 and Saurabh Batra call to showdown:

Prabhakar: dA dK

Saurabh: hA d10

Community h7 s5 cQ hQ s3 rewarded the pot to Prabhakar for a better kicker.

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IMG_7337Harman Baweja takes it down from Vinod Megalmani

1:24 AM Level 9: 400/800/100

On flop s8 c9 s3, Vinod checks and Hamran bets 1200. Vinod calls to see the turn cK. Vinod bets 2800 and Harman calls. On river h3, Vinod fires up another 7000 which Harman call and shows sk c5 to win the pot with 2 pairs.

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87 players remaining at the 3rd break; Major chip counts

1:10 AM Level 9: 400/800/100

The field is down to 87 players after 8 levels of game till now. At at average stack of 50K, here are the major chip counts:

Pranjal – 126,200

Krishna SM – 117,700

Rajesh Singh – 112,000

Rishabh Chawla – 103,000

Vinod Megalmani – 99,500

Manish Jain – 96,000

Sahil Chutani – 95,000

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DSC07151Krishna G doubles up with set of Aces

12:48 PM Level 8: 300/600/75

Krishna went all-in preflop with over 12,000 chips and hA cA hole cards and Hemant made the call showing cQ sQ. 

Community c8 dA s10 dQ h5 gave both the players set but Krishna took doubled up with set of Aces against set of Queens.

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DSC07195Krishna misses flush & Straight; Alnoor takes it down

12:30 PM Level 8: 300/600/75

Alnoor bet 3000 preflop and Krishna flat called. Flop d8 s6 h3 got checked by both the players. On turn d2, both of them checked again. River h7 brought some action as Krishna bet 6000 and Alnoor made the call.

Krishna: dJ d10

Alnoor: hA cK

Alnoor collects the pot with an Ace high hand.

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Ashish Kasrananey doubles up through Pranay kapoor

12:18 AM Level 8: 300/600/75

Ashish moved all-in preflop with 10,875 chips and Pranay Kapoor called. At the showdown:

Ahsish: s1 s9

Pranay: hJ sK

Community ran s6 d10 h2 c8 h6 giving Ashish the advantage of high card ace on the paired board to win the pot.

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145 total entries (15 re-entries included); Prize pool of 72,50,000

12:05 AM Level 7: 250/500/50

The 50K HighRoller event of Baazi Poker Tour drew 145 entries in total creating a prize pool of Rs 72.5 Lacs. The payouts will be announced in a while by the organizers.

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Jay takes it down from Sidhant Jain

11:48 PM Level 7: 250/500/50

Anil opens with 1000 which Sidhant Jain raises to 2500. Jay and Anil call to see the flop c9 d8 dJ.

Anil checks while Sidhant move all-in with over 12000 chips. Jay calls while Anil folds his cards. At the showdown:

Sidhant: sQ hQ

Jay: d10 d9

Turn d5 gives Jay a flush to beat Sidhant while river s3 doesn’t make any change in the result.

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DSC_6675Rahul Melwani doubles up through Archit

11:38 PM Level 7: 250/500/50

Rahul Melwani goes all-in preflop with 25,475 and got a call from Archit. At the showdown:

Rahul: sA dJ

Archit: dA cA

Archit leads preflop while Rahul pick up straight draw on the flop c6 dK cQ. With d10 on the turn, Rahul completes his straight while river c6  doesn’t make any change. The dealer pushes the pot towards Rahul Melwani.

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DSC07164Major chip counts at the 2nd break

11:30 PM Level 7: 250/500/50

Hussain Lakda – 110,000

Sarad Rao – 85,000

Vishrut Jain – 82,500

Vinod Megalmani – 80,000

Kunal Kubba – 70,000

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Vinod Megalmani wins it from Ankush

11:15 PM Level 6: 200/400/50

Ankush opens with 1000 from UTG+1. Vinod in cut-off calls and the dealer brings s7 s3 s4. Ankush bets 1325 which Vinod called to see the turn card h10. Both the players check and river comes cQ. Ankush fires another 1750 putting Vinod to tank. However, Vinod decides to call and shows hJ h7. His 7 pair turned out to be good to collect the pot as Ankush mucks his hand.

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Vikram Kumar folds to Y J Kim on River

10:58 PM Level 6: 200/400/50

Y J Kim opens with 1100 and PokerBaazi pro Vikram Kumar flat calls. The dealer tables c10 d6 d9 on flop to which Vikram bet 1825. Kim raises it to 5000 which Vikram calls. On turn sA, Vikram check while Y J Kim goes all-in with over 24000. Vikram give a brief thought and decides to fold.

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DSC07136Anup Palod and GuruPrasad Gupta chops it up

10:42 PM Level 6: 200/400/50

Anup opened with 800 from UTG which Maria Kirloskar, Guruprasad, Rajesh and Ashok called to see the flop d10 hJ dQ. Anup bet 4000 which Maria called while Guruprasad moved all-in.

Rajesh, Ashok & Maria folded while Anup called to showdown:

Guru: dK d6

Anup: cK sQ

Turn came c7 while river h9 gave both of them a straight to divide the pot.

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DSC07239Sanay Taneja chipping up

10:26 PM Level 5: 150/300/25

Sanjay Taneja opened with 900 which Varun Gupta and Sam flatted. Flop sJ c7 c9 gets checked around. On turn h9, Sanjay bets 4800 to which other 2 players folded and the dealer pushed the pot towards Sanjay.

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Flush beats Straight on River

10:14 PM Level 5: 150/300/25

Pranav Desai opened with 625 and got 4 callers on the table – Phaninder, Sahil Agrwal, Farookh and Tarun. On flop s3 h5 h6, tarun checked, Pranav bet 1750 which Phaninder called. Sahil had other plans and he raises it to 6050.

Farookh folded while Tarun called. Action didn’t stop here as Pranav moved all-in. Sahil Agarwal folded while Traun called to showdown:

Pranav: hK hQ

Tarun: s10 s7

Turn sQ  and River h4 gave Tarun a straight while Pranav took down the pot with a King high flush to double up.

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DSC07394Jatin Kukreja beats Kanishk Upreti with a higher flush

09:54 PM Level 4: 100/200/25

Jatin bets 550 from UTG+1 to which and Kanishk flats from the Small Blind. On flop sK dA d10, Jatin leads out with 600 which Kanishk raises to 1425 and Jatin calls. Turn s9 gets checked by both the players.

River card dK, Jatin checks while Kanishk fires up another 2100. Jatin makes the call. At the showdown:

Kanishk: d4 d5

Jatin: dQ d9

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DSC06380Nikita Luther vs Kartik Ved

09:42 PM Level 4: 100/200/25

We are back after the break.

Nikita bet 500 preflop which Kartik raises to 1200. Nikita calls and teh dealer brings hQ s5 sK on the flop. Kartik bets 1925 and Nikita flats to see the turn card dK to which both the players check.

On river hJ, Kartik makes a huge bet of 15,000. Nikita tanks for a while and folds.

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129 entries at the first break

09:00 PM Level 3: 100/200/0

The tournament has drawn 129 players till now and players have an option to late register as well as re-enter till the end of level 4.

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DSC07391Danish Shaikh eliminated by Sanket Sanganeria

08:59 PM Level 3: 100/200/0

Snaket opened preflop with 750 which Danish flated. On flop dQ s4 c8, Sanket bets 1150, Danish raises to 2800. Sanket 4-bets to 7500 which Danish called.

Turn came hQ to which Sanket checked while Danish bet another 3500. Sanket called to see the river card dK. Danish went all-in with 11,000 and Sanket snap called. At the showdown:

Danish: d4 c4

Sanket: hK cK

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DSC07401Sangeeth Mohan eliminated by Abhishek Panda

08:57 PM Level 3: 100/200/0

Samoh opens with 1200 and found 3 callers including Abhishek Panda. The flop hQ h4 sK gets checked around and the dealer brings c6 on the turn.

Samoh leads out with 3000 which Panda calls while the other 2 players fold. On the river d5, Samoh checks while Panda bets 5,000. Samoh moves all-in and Panda snap calls. At the showdown:

Samoh: s6 s5

Abhishek: h5 c5

Abhishek takes down the pot with a set of 5 eliminating Samoh.

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DSC07188Sarad Rao moving aggressively

08:34 PM Level 3: 100/200/0

Action folded to Rajat Sharma in button who bets 425 and Sarad Rao in Big Blind raises to 1250. Rajat calls and the dealer brings d8 dA c9 on the flop. Both the players checks to see the turn card c8.

Sarad fires up 5200 to which Rajat gives a thought and folds.

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Jaydeep Dawer vs Sumit Sapra

08:18 PM Level 2: 75/150/0

On flop h8 s8 s9, Sumit leads out 300 which Jaydeep calls and the dealer brings sQ on turn. Sumit checks, Jaydeep bets 500 and Sumit calls. On river dA, both the players check. Jaydeep shows hA c10 to collect the pot while Sumit mucks his hand.

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DSC07229Gaurav Didwania gets eliminated early

08:03 PM Level 2: 75/150/0

Vidwath Shetty opened with 800 which Vinod Megalmani 3-bet to 3250. Gaurav and Vidwath call to see the flop h9 s3 s9. Vidwath checks while Vinod bets 3800 and Gaurav goes all-in with his remaining stack of over 6000.

Vidwath folds while Vinod calls. At the showdown:

Gaurav: dA c10

Vinod: hK sQ

cQ on the turn and s2 on the river gives Vinod the pot ending Gaurav’s tournament run pretty early.

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105 and still counting

07:50 PM Level 2: 75/150/0

The High Roller event has drawn 105 entries till now. Players have an option to late register as well as re-enter till the end of 4th level.

Abhineet Jain chipping up

07:38 PM Level 1: 50/100/0

Shashank Desai, Pune based player opens with 300 preflop which Alok Birewar 3-bets to 800. Abhineet Jain calls and so does Shashak. On flop c2 s2 s8, Shashank checks while Alok bets 1025 which Abhineet raises to 2250.

Shashank folds while Alok calls to see the turn s4. Both the player check and the river card d3 also gets checked. Abhineet shows h10 c10 and collects the pot while Alok mucked his hand.

DSC07192Slow Action in initial levels

07:25 PM Level 1: 50/100/0

With a 300BB stack and deep structure, the players are pacing up slowly in the initial levels of tournament. In a hand Vivek Rughani opened with 300 which Ronak called and the dealer tabled s7 h2 h3 on the flop.

Ronak bets 1100 which Vievk calls to see the turn card d4. Both the players check. On river h5, Ronak check again but Vivek bets 3000. Ronak thinks for a while and decides to fold.

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Shufle Up & Deal

07:10 PM Level 1: 50/100/0

The tournament has begun with the announcement of Shuffle Up & Deal by the tournament director Roshan Morajkar. 64 players have registered initially including the satellites winners. Kanishka Samant, Kavish Kukreja, Danish Shaikh, Anup Palod, Sahil Agarwal are among the notable faces in the field.

Welcome to the HighRoller Event


After a perfect warm up in 10K Freezeout yesterday, players are here at Deltin Royale Casino to play the 50K HighRoller event of Baazi Poker Tour. The tournament brings 15 Lac in guaranteed prize pool and will be played on 6-max tables.

OPN India will brings live updates of the high roller action here starting 7PM. The players will get started with a stack of30,000 chips at a blind of 50/100 and a blind interval of 40 minutes. Player will have an option to re-enter once till the 4th level of game. Good Luck everyone.