Kalyan Chakravarty wins the 10K Freezeout event

7:48:15 AM Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5,000IMG_7040

Just 4 hands into heads up game, Kalyan went all-in with hJ h9 and Vikas called with hA h8. The dealer brought cA d10 sK sQ dK rewarding the pot to Kalyan. Thus, Kalyan wont he 10K freezeout tournament bagging Rs 5.7 Lacs in top prize.

Vikas stood runner-up in the event bagging Rs 3.5 Lacs.

“Its my first major win after winning and final tabling couple of tourneys in Bangalore as well as Goa. Feeling excited right now..! Will take rest and come afresh for the other events in the series”, said an elated Kalyan after collecting his trophy.