aggtarun wins the Indian Poker League in top team, ankitjain09, hurr_hurr & hero1965 tops the subsequent teams

The 2nd edition of Indian Poker League which kicked off on 9th June has completed the leaderboard race on 29th June. 419 players participated in the 20 days running cash game contest on Adda52. aggtarun triumphed in the top team – Royale Bangalore bagging Rs 1.75 Lacs in the prize pool. In the other teams, ankitjain09 finished in the pole position in Bomaby Indies, hurr_hurr topped the Delhi Devils while hero1965 ranked #1 in Hyderabad Risers. 419 players participated in the June 2016 edition of Indian poker league at wherein they are being rewarded with 8.8 Lacs in prize money.

The top 16 players of each team played 1 Lac freeroll tournament on 30th June wherein kramer234, rocketAA & Brat_Poker finished in top 3 sharing 1 Lac in prize money. Additionally, the players of Royale Bangalore collected maximum points in the tournament and got rewarded with extra 1 Lac in prize money.indian poker league-june-2016

IPL Fantasy

Adda52 also organized fantasy poker on the Indian Poker League which nuckythompson  won bagging the top prize of Rs 34,000. His team consisted of bothras, pokemon13, ankitjain09, pokerfac and kramer234 collected maximum points to top the fantasy leaderboard. 8 fantasy team owners were paid with a total for Rs 1 Lac in prize money. himanshu_s (2nd, 21000), 420theconman (3rd, 14000), kramer234 (4th, 10000), daringmonarch (5th, 7000), piyushjain121 (6th, 5000), hifun111 (7th, 5000) and pokemon13 (8th, 4000) were the other fantasy team owners winning prizes.

Royale Bangalore

In the Royale Bangalore team, it was a close fight between kramer234 and tushmakster initially but on the last day, aggtarun put all his efforts to scale up and finished on the top. kramer234 placed 2nd bagging Rs 1,05,000 while tushmakster finished 3rd for Rs 70,000. ayush706, nikhil234880, nuckythompson, bothras, vinayakjay, p12amar, DBlitz, Gawwd, manamish, Trojans, parasp, Deadly_Viper and PushBar were the other players in top 16 who got to play the freeroll torunament.

Bombay Indies

ankitjain09 took a huge lead over other players in this team with 1664496 points. He won Rs 90,000 in prize for topping the team while badtameez_donk received Rs 54000 for runer-up finish. Vinkash ended up in 3rd place bagging Rs 36,000. pokerfreak, Raveesh2000, pokemon13, NXG1899, Peacelover, priya143, newkidintown, Brat_Poker, gambling_buddha, Riverbet, kiransynergy, sugth01 & akhil26288 were the other player in top 16 of Bombay Indies.

Delhi Devils

In the 3rd team of Indian Poker League, hurr_hurr was maintaining a continuous lead and Amit030 was following closely in 2nd place. In the end hurr_hurr took down the top prize of Rs 45,000 while Amit030 bagged Rs 30,000 in 2nd place. rocketAA finished in 3rd place for Rs 15,0000 and prinsssi got Rs 10,000 for the 4th place. rohit1729, himanshu_s, baniya, AD007, bharat1250, sumraisys, hersheys, abhitomar008, madmanonthebutton, Sandystorm, sheesh13 & traitor were the other players in top 16.

Hyderabad Risers

14 players got paid in the Hyderabad Risers team which hero1965 toped bagging Rs 14,000 in top prize. maverick56789 placed runner-up for Rs 8,500. pocketrocket9, pal999, lucky_bastered, vineet2103, potpoker, pkmar, gaurav22tyagi, setontheriver, nucleus, river22, inviolable, Badbeat4, majnubhai & Sumit35891 were among the top 16 who got entry to freeroll tournament culminating the 2nd edition of Indian Poker League.