Adda52 Cash Game Carnival II – Plenty of Deposit Offers & Prize Money


To the delight of Indian poker players, Adda52 is back with its most prestigious ‘CASH GAME CARNIVAL II’ to the table, which, like its previous edition, brings huge deposit offers for various categories of players and varied prize winning options across leaderborads and freerolls. Players can deposit and register for the Cash Game Festival between 7th -10th September to enter the big fiesta wherein they can play 24×7 running cash game to compete for the rewards.sept-cash-game-carnival-adda52


Major Highlights at A Glance:

With its second edition of Cash Game Carvinal (CGC), Adda52 aims to provide poker enthusiasts intriguing gaming opportunities to play and win huge cash this summer. Here are the major highlights:

2 Lac Depositors Freeroll

All players can enroll for Cash Game Carnival using the above codes and can play 2 Lac Depositors Freeroll on 10th September at 10 PM to compete for Rs. 2 Lac guaranteed prize.

Max Hands Won- 2 Lac GTD

Players can register to play at the tables of 25/50 and above from 11th – 14th September and contest for the Max Hands marathon to win the guaranteed prize pool of Rs. 1 Lac. An additional 1 Lac prize money will also be on offer for which you can compete during the entire series from 11th-24th Sep.

Frequent Play Points (FPP) – Rs.2.5 Lac GTD

Every hand played on cash game tables will fetch you points via FPP from 15th -18th September. You can win from Rs. 50,000 in FPP low category and Rs. 1 Lac in FPP high category. An additional 1 Lac prize will also be on offer for FPP High during the entire series. Only post-flop hand will be counted.

Loyalty Race – 4.5 Lac GTD

You can compete for the VIP & Non-VIP Loyalty Race between 19th -22nd September and win from 2.5 prize money. The VIP Loyalty Race fetch 2 Lac and the Non-VIP Loyalty Race will bring Rs.50,000. You can contest for the VIP Leaderboard series from 11th -24th Sep to win the prize money worth Rs. 2 Lac.

Big Sunday- 20.10 Lac 

18th September will be the Big Sunday of Cash Game Carnival II wherein you can play on adda52 cash game tables and compete for Rs. 20.10 in prize money. Here is the breakup of the prize money:

1. Bad Beat- Rs 10 Lac GTD- If you get a bad beat on Big Sunday, you will get Rs. 10 lac as Bad Beat Jackpot.

2. Best Hand- Rs 10K GTD- On Big Sunday, the best hand of the day will be entitled to get Rs. 10,000.

3. No Limit Loyalty Conversion- The Cash Game Carnival (CGC) II will conclude with two-days No Limit Loyalty conversion wherein you can convert all your loyalty points earned between 23rd -24th September to bonus.

Fantasy Leagues

The most interesting feature of Cash Game Carnival II is that Adda52 is running multiple poker fantasy leagues, which means you can create upto maximum 6 fantasy teams and enter leagues to compete and win Rs. 2.1 in prize money. You can also include yourself in your teams and then enter with several teams in one league. So be a part of this exciting Cash Game Festival and win attractive prizes.