November Niners Gordon Vayo &Kenny Hallaert Win Big Ahead of WSOP Final Table

The final table of the most prestigious tournament World Serious of Poker ( WSOP) is set for the marquee Main Event in Las Vegas where the remaining nine players will fight it out for the title of World Champion and $8 million in first-place prize money. The two key faces of this year’s November Niners Gordon Vayo and Kenny Hallaert have already created a buzz by winning the big prize money tournaments ahead of the final table to be played at the end of October in the dream city of Las Vegas.2016-wsop-november-nine

Gordon Vayo won the $2,500 in WinStar River Poker Series Main Event after a five-way chop for for a $587,120. Reports suggest that it was Vayo’s biggest cash live victory ever except for his undetermined 2016 World Series of Poker ( WSOP) Main Event score, which could be worth $8 million, if he manages to compete and win the title of next world champion in November this year. Making his way to the final table and then successfully competing with the remaining nine players, Vayo emerged as a winner for the $1 million prize money. The 4 other deal makers with him who shared the prize included Ben Ector ($344,826), Dean Bobel ($225,048), Layne Flack ($225,190), and Grant Hinkle ($207,669), finishing 2nd through 5th place.

Another November Niner who grabbed headlines this month is no other than the world’s famous poker face Kenny Hallaert who managed to touch the biggest online score and won the $ 500K Party Poker Online Grand Prix after beating a strong field of 4600 players. Hallaert’s victory proves that making it to the final table of WSOP main event is no accident and that he is a world class player who deserves to be in November Niners. The Belgian players is known for his skills, experience, talent and insight into poker industry. He is the de-facto king at the tables, both online and live.

Both Gordon Vayo and Kenny Halleart are among the chip leaders for the final table of World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas this year. Yayo sits at the 3rd position with a chip-stack of 49,375,000 and Hallaert holds 4th position with 43,325,000 chips. Now both the champions must be eyeing on the main event of WSOP where they will battle out to win the World Champion title with the top chip lead Cliff Josephy (74,600,00) and other notable chip leaders,including Qui Nguyen (67,925,000), Michael Ruane (31,600,000), Vojtech Ruzicka (27,300,000), Griffin Benger (26,175,000), Jerry Wong (10,175,000) and Fernando Pons (6,150,000).

Now it would be interesting to note that the main event of WSOP 2016 will bring a prize pool of $63,327,800, of which as much as $25.5 million will be awarded to the final nine players. Everyone in the final table finalists will be returning October 30 to battle it out for over $25 Million in Prize Money and to win the title of poker’s next world champion.