Can Reliance Jio and 4G Other Services Speed up the Online Poker Industry of India?

Undoubtedly, the poker industry is witnessing a boom in India with increasing reach of online poker. Earlier poker was limited to poker rooms in a handful of cities, now it has travelled to the remotest corners of the country via online poker companies. Currently, there are several online poker companies, being the biggest, where you can play online real cash games. The craze for poker in the country is constantly growing with young talents pursuing it professional.jio_online_poker

Reliance Jio which was launched a month ago is all set to revolutionize the internet services with affordable data services. It is expected to take the online businesses to next level by maximizing the reach of mobile commerce to millions of users. The 4G services of Jio will be open to all smart phone brands, which means almost every smart phone owner will be able to benefit from the high-speed internet and enjoy online poker at a much faster speed.

Penetration into unexplored territories

The biggest advantage of Jio 4G offer to poker industry in India is that it is going to increase the poker market size in the country. Jio’s new network already covers 18,000 cities and towns and over 2 lakhs villages, which means the network is pretty wide and reaches to people in rural as well as urban India. With this plan, more and more people would be able to join this game of skill on apps and websites. Since the new plan is affordable for everyone, almost every person with smart phone would be able to learn and play online games.

Faster Speed & Better Connectivity

With Reliance Jio, you will be able to enjoy internet at a faster speed. Yes, the newly-launched 4G services of Jio by Reliance Industries promise better speed of internet, which means you can enjoy playing poker at much faster speed. What is more, you won’t have to worry about connectivity issues with Jio, as it ensures superior connectivity round the clock. No matter where and what time you use Jio 4G pack, speed and connectivity will always be better, compared to other networks in India.

Affordable Gaming Experience

With everything free till December 2016, Jio is going to be a real big thing for the newbies joining the online poker ecospace as they won’t have to pay for internet during this period. According to Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio data plan is going to be the most affordable, as it will have a base rate, which is at 90% discount over the industry. The newly-launched 4G services by Reliance Industries will bring down the cost of internet to as low as Rs. 50 per GB figure. So, it is going to be a win-win offer for poker players who want high speed yet low-cost internet service to play poker.