Indian Poker League Returns at Adda52 in its 3rd Edition

Following the success of the 1st and 2nd edition of Indian Poker League this year, India’s largest online poker site Adda52 is back with its 3rd edition of Indian Poker League, which guarantees cash prizes worth Rs. 12,37,500 and over 20 Lacs in deposit Instant Bonus. Adding to the excitement, the 3rd edition of the poker series brings thrilling new promotions which include Max Hands Played, Highest Jumper and Loyalty Conversion Marathon. All registered poker players can be a part of this poker series by making a minimum deposit of Rs. 5,000 and above between 3rd-8th October.india-poker-league

Based on the deposit amount criteria, you can be a part of the any of the following four teams. All you need to do is to choose a team by using the bonus code from the table below while making a deposit and you will be automatically a part of the Indian Poker League.

TEAM NAME          DEPOSIT                       USE CODE             INSTANT BONUS       LOCKED BONUS

Bangalore Bomb*   Rs.60,000-Rs.1,00,000     BANGBOMB       40% | Upto Rs.20,000     60%

Bombay Rockets* Rs.25,000-Rs.59,999           BOMROKTS        20% | Upto Rs.9000         45%

Delhi Stars               Rs.15,000-Rs.24,999          DELSTARS            15% | Upto Rs.3750         40%

Hyderabad Pots      Rs.5000-Rs.14,999             HYDPOTS         10% | Upto Rs.1499         35%

*A player that makes deposit for BANGBOMB will be credited with 20,000 instant bonus. The player can claim this additional bonus of 20,000 through customer support in case his or her account balances goes to 0 without any redemption between 9th-23rd October. 9000 instant bonus will be credited for BOMROKTS and it is also claimable by the player in case his or her  account balance goes to 0 level without any redemption between the 9th -23rd October.

The action in all teams begins on 9th October and will continue through 20th October. Players in each team will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the loyalty points they earn. At the end, top players of each team will be entitled to share the huge prize money


  1. Bangalore Bomb     4,00,000                Top 10%
  2. Bombay Rockets     2,00,000                Top 10%
  3. Delhi Stars               1,00,000                Top 10%
  4. Hyderabad Pots      50,000                   Top 5 %

The excitement does not stop here. The top 16 players based on their loyalty points will get a chance to play the 1 Lac guaranteed India Poker League finale scheduled for 21st October at 9:30 PM. What is more, an additional amount of Rs. 1 Lac bonus will be distributed among all the participants of the winning team (based on points earned). This time around, players will also be able to show their skills via Max Hands Played, Highest Jumper and Loyalty Conversion Marathon.

Max Hands Played

Players can try their poker skills at the cash tables of 25/50 and above between 10th – 12th October and compete in the ‘Max Hands Played’ marathon to stand their chance to win from a prize pool of upto Rs.1.5 Lac, which is to be paid out to top 3 players from each team.


  1.    Bangalore Bomb            80,000       3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%
  2.    Bombay Rockets           40,000       3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%
  3.    Delhi Stars                      20,000       3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%
  4.    Hyderabad Pots             10,000       3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%

Highest Jumper

The Indian Poker League also brings a unique opportunity to jump ahead of your competitors on the Leaderboard from 14th-16th October and to stand your chance to win the amazing cash prizes. Top 3 players from each team who earn the highest loyalty points during these days will be awarded with the ‘HIGHEST JUMPER’ title along with the attractive cash prizes.


  1.    Bangalore Bomb           20,000       3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%
  2.    Bombay Rockets          10,000        3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%
  3.    Delhi Stars                     5,000         3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%
  4.    Hyderabad Pots            2,500         3 Positions paid out- 50% | 30% |20%

Loyalty Conversion Marathon

Finally, Indian Poker League this month culminates with 3 day No Limit Loyalty Conversion Marathon, wherein poker players have a chance to convert all their VIP loyalty points earned between 21st- 23rd Oct to Instant bonus and Locked Bonus as per the ratio of 1:25.


Bangalore Bomb               25%                 75%

Bombay Rockets              25%                 50%

Delhi Stars                         25%                30%

Hyderabad Pots                25%                 15%

Poker Fantasy

Continuing its poker fantasy offerings, Adda52 brings fantasy for Indian Poker League this month with Rs 1,50,000 in prize money. All you need to do is create your fantasy team of 6 players from the draftable pool and enter into multiple fantasy leagues running across the Indian Poker League.