Life Journey of a Poker Player – Shravan Chhabria

Shravan Chhabria is a Mumbai based poker player and part of Team Thrill. He wears many hats. He is a cricketer, actor and now popular poker player. As a school kid, he was crazy about cricket. He started playing cricket at the age of 10 and fell love with the game. He tasted success very early and went on to become his school’s captain. Later on, he even got a chance to play for ‘Mumbai under 16’. During college days however, his interest saw a shift to acting. His light eyes, good looks and flair for acting encouraged him to get into acting. But due to growing competition and some unforeseen circumstance, he could not realize his potential.

Sharvan’s life took a U-turn when he was introduced to the game of poker, which he learned quickly and fell in love with the game. Poker brought him a much-needed financial stability in his career. It was in 2014 that he decided to make a career in poker and explained it to his parents who understood their son’s passion and allowed him to try his luck at the game. Finally, he went to Bangalore to play a series of poker and on his birthday he managed to win a 10k event. After this, he played and won several live tournaments in India and abroad.

For early years, Shravan Chhabria was confined to live poker. After tasting success in live poker, he wanted to invest in online poker. Finally, he played his first online poker game at PokerStars for about 13 hours and managed to ship first online game. Now he enjoys both online and live poker and has come a long way in his career. Today, he is well-known poker face of India with his impressive earnings amounting to $71,999. This year, he has played several high-profile tournaments and notable among them include the DPT (Deltin Poker Tournament) back in Janaury where he won the 10K No Limit Holdem for $ 4,882. His biggest cash came on July 9 when cashed in the No Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship (Event 68) of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2016 in Las Vegas and managed to earn $32,130.