2016 ACOP: China’s Yuan Li Claims Super High Roller title for HK$6.7 Million

The Asia Championship of Poker ( ACOP) saw several big names through the three days of the $500,000 Super High Roller event, but eventually it was the Chinese businessman Yuan Li, who claimed the HK$500,000 buy-in tournament for HK$6.7 million. Li crushed a field of 45 players  to win his Super High Roller title after defeating Justin Bonomo, who won HK$5,595,000 for his runner up finish. wrap_yuan_li_champion2

When final table began, the twenty-seven-year old Li was sixth in the final 6, which was not a very favourable position on the table. However, the destiny had something big in store for him and he continued moving up, after losing barely a pot through a-half-hour duration of the play.

The final table saw quick fireworks, losing three important players in the very first hour of the game. Earlier leading the way, Tobias Ziegler got busted in the 4th place while Shunu Zang and Mikita Badziakouski came as next two eliminations in the 5th and 6th place. Very soon after break, it was Paul Newey, who exited in the 3rd place, leaving Li and Bonomo for the heads-up play. Though short-stacked on table, Li continued to move up and none of the four players could cop with him.

Commenting on his strategic play, Li said “”I was very confident I could win the Super High Roller. I believe this is strategic. I am very aggressive, but not always. I can play tight as well, just like the moment that I was the short stack at the beginning of the final table.”

When it came to the heads up match, Li had a chip lead over Bonomo. The play then saw the two making a deal. The two agreed to lock up a deal, which ensured them the following payouts:

Li: HK$6.3 million
Bonomo: HK$5.595 million

Bonomo bet every street on a board reading 8d-Js-5d 4h-3d. Finally, he moved all-in for a little more than 3 million. Li snap-called with his Ks-8h and the eights proved better than Bonomo’s Qc-Td.  Li shook Bonomo’s hand and finished the heads up match, winning the Super High Roller title.

“The day before I joined the Super High Roller, I promised my girlfriend that I will give the trophy to her after I win the event,” Li said. “Now I did it, and I knew I could.”