Six Poker Playing Tips for Professional Poker Players

Poker in India is quite popular and more and more people are considering taking it up on a professional level. However, playing poker for leisure and playing it at a professional level is altogether different. Other than a very conscious decision from your end, here are some tips for professional poker players. These tips will not only give you an edge over your opponent, but also help you prepare and understand the nitty gritty of the game much better.

Six Poker Playing Tips for Professional Poker Players

Working on your game

One of the first steps to take if you want to become a professional player is working on your game. Even if it is about going one level up, it is important that you make that effort. You need to be optimistic, determined and go through different guides to understand the game better. However, as we all know, bookish knowledge doesn’t help you as much as the practical experience. Face your opponents and conquer the fear of intimidating players.

Get the winning edge

One of the main attributes of a professional poker player is having the right mix of business acumen and player spirit. From money management to hand selection, striking the right balance is very important. You also need to have psychological awareness to pick the right table and managing the game smartly.

Spot the ‘fish’

If you are serious about poker, you already know what we are talking about. In this card game, the ‘fish’ is the weak player on the table. Before you pick a table, you need to identify the ‘fish’. This improves your chances of winning and getting the edge you require.

Be Selective With Your Starting Hands

One of the important poker winning tips is picking profitable hands. The player who plays the top 10-20% of the starting hands have a higher possibility of making money as compared to a player who plays top 30-40% of starting hands. Even though loose players can be profitable players, but it requires more skill and a higher challenge. Become a tight player and see your profits grow.

Have variations in your play

One of the biggest problems is falling into a rhythm or pattern. Players raise one hand, however limp with the other. One of the advanced tips to win in poker is to play only a certain range from the late positi on and then a tight range from the early position. Even if your opponent checks for the second time on the turn, the bet will always be 2/3 pot. But there is a high possibility that your opponent will pick up this pattern and then you w

ill be outplayed. The best solution here is to change your play every once in a while and leave your opponent guessing.

Understand Your Position

Not too many players take advantage of playing in a position. As a professional player, you should always use this to your advantage. It is always much easier to trap your opponent and make moves when you are in position. Use it to your advantage.

Finally, if you are thinking of becoming a professional poker player, it is important to take it as seriously as a regular job. You must work on it, study and constantly work to improve your skills. Remember, you will have uncertainty and that should be the biggest reason to keep you working on your game.

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