Top 4 Gamification Ideas for Online Poker in 2017

Poker is an amazing game of cards played and enjoyed worldwide. The recent trend of gamification in poker can really take this game to a whole new level. With various new gamification elements coming into poker games, it is adding to its appeal and craze globally. More and more players are joining in the game and winning money through it. Of late, there has been lots of gamification in online poker to make it more engaging, competitive and rewarding for poker players. Here, we discuss top gamification ideas that can be applied to add more appeal to the game of poker in 2017:Poker_cards_and_chips

1. Game Leaderboards

Game leaderboards are an amazing way to engage and create excitement among poker players. A leaderboard may feature rank and loyalty point details of the players competing in various types of leaderboard games such as Max Hand Won Series, FPP ( Frequent Play Points) and Loyalty Race. Poker players who compete in various leaderboard games are not only able to win whopping prizes but also to avail some exciting extra rewards and benefits based on their ranks and points on the leaderobard. There can be various types of the leadersboards but some good examples may include the following:

  • Weekly Leaderboard
  • Monthly Leaderbaord
  • Quarterly Leaderboard
  • Yearly Leaderboard
  • Summer Leaderboard
  • Winter Leaderboard

Poker players with the highest scores across weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly leaderboards  can be rewarded with big prizes and various extra benefits like tickets to big money tournaments, and extra bonuses depending on their scores they achieve by competing and wining in various tournaments and cash games listed on the leaderboards.

2. Fantasy Poker 

Fantasy poker has been a rising phenomenon in the world of poker. In fantasy poker, participants can act as owners and create their dream teams of the professional poker players who compete in a series of various tournaments and games and earn points. Whatever team earns more points in the end, it wins. All top performing fantasy teams are rewarded with whopping prizes and some extra benefits for the performance they show and points they earn by competing against other teams in the leagues. Owning and creating a fantasy team is simple. All you need to do is select players of your choice and create a dream team to compete against the other fantasy teams and finally win big money for you.

3.Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are some special poker tournaments and cash games where players can compete daily and win exciting prizes and rewards. Some good examples of Daily Challenges may include exclusive promotions such as Win 15 Sit & Gos, Win 100 Cash Tables, Win 5 Hands with Full House or Better, etc. Daily Challenges are actually designed to play more and win more. They allow players to develop poker skills, compete in various big money tournaments and cash games and win the exciting prizes and rewards on daily basis. Thus, special daily tourneys and games with special prizes and rewards can be a great idea for poker rooms to attract and engage more poker players.

4.Team Competitions

Like cricket, there could be team-wise competition in poker where players can be divided into different teams based on different criteria. Later, all top performing teams based on their performance can be rewarded with some whopping prizes and  rewards for their performances across various poker events. This type of gamification will not only give a sport feel to poker but also add to its appeal internationally as a game of skill. It would motivate more and more players to join in poker, thus  making it more competitive and exciting and expanding its reach worldwide.