7 Things Adda52 Launched in 2016 for Indian Poker Players

With the new year approaching fast, it is a time for poker players to look back and recollect some good memories of 2016. The year was simply unbelievable with so many new developments taking place for Indian poker. While so many interesting developments took place in the poker Industry, India’s largest poker site Adda52.com did some exclusive things to give some sweet surprises to poker players in India. Here, we discuss the top seven things that the website launched for Indian players:7 things adda52 did for poker players

1. Launched POY with 55 Lacs in PrizesJanuary 2016

For the first time in Indian poker history, Adda52.com started the ‘ Player of the Year (POY)’ which is set to start from January 16 and culminate in December each year. It has been launched with an aim of rewarding the 10 best players by giving them a slice of Rs. 40 lac in prize money based on their performances at the various tournaments and cash games listed under the ‘ Player of the Year (POY).

2. DPT Started in Association with Deltin Royale– January 2016

The biggest thing Adda52.com could do for poker players in 2016 was the 1Crore GTD Deltin Poker Tournament, which the poker site launched in association with Deltin Royale, India’s largest floating casino in Goa. The tournament series proved big success with its first-ever I crore GTD main event.

3. Adda52 Association with WPT April 2016

Continuing with exciting things for Indian poker, Adda52.com tied up with WPT back in April 2016, bringing Indian players an amazing opportunity to play and compete internationally at WPT, Asia’s richest poker series attracting international players. Ever since its partnership with WPT, the poker site has been organizing online satellites for qualifying and sending players to the various WPT events.

4. Launched Fantasy PokerMay 2016

Adding more to the excitement of poker player in India, Adda52.com came up with Fantasy Poker in May,2016 where Indian players can create multiple dream teams of their choice and then enter the various leagues to compete and win amazing prizes, which are based on the points their team earn. Fantasy poker offers a unique opportunity of creating fantasy teams and winning exciting prizes for free.

5. Launched iOS Mobile App May 2016

To offer Indian players a seamless and rich gaming experience, Adda52.com came up with a new

iOS Mobile App in May,2016. This is a handy app with interesting features and rich user interface. It also has a built-in hand ranking tool to show players their hand strength while playing online poker.

6. New Mobile Browser SoftwareOctober 2016

Back in October, Adda52.com launched a new mobile browser software for use on mobile desktop, enabling Indian players to quickly access and play various types of poker games and tournaments available on the site. This mobile software promises you a secure, smooth and quick game play. With this software, you can make quick deposits, enter several games and play them anywhere on the go.

7. Exclusive Cash Game Promotions-2016

Last but not the least, Adda52.com came up with some exclusive promotions in 2016 to provide Indian players intriguing gaming opportunities. The special set of promotions launched this year by the site included the followings:

Indian Poker League: An exclusive team-based leaderboard race loaded with exciting promotions such as Max Hands Played ,Highest Jumper & Loyalty conversion marathon to award the winners with huge cash prizes. It brings an opportunity for Indian players to create their teams, play and win big money.

Cash Game Carnival: A poker fiesta with exclusive promotions including Max Hands Won, Frequent Play Points & VIP Loyalty race, Non-VIP Loyalty race, Deposit Offer, Depositors Freeroll,Bad beat, Best Hand & No Limit loyalty conversion in order to reward the top performers with exciting cash prizes.

Jungle Safari: It is an exclusive promotion for the month of August,which is loaded with exciting deposit offers and other exclusive elements such as Max Hands Won, Frequent Play Points, and Loyalty race to win 10.5 lac in prize money. This is a unique format of cash game leaderboards, which not only rewards the top players but also gives them entry to a big guaranteed freeroll tournament.