Top 5 Poker Tools to Improve Your Game in 2017

It is no surprise that we all need a little help sometimes while dealing with certain poker games and hands. True, there are situations when you find it difficult to make decisions on flop, turn and river. This is where poker software and apps come into picture. Here are some of the top-rated poker tools, which must help you to improve your game and equip you with a required set of skills to win in poker:


1.Tournament Poker Edge

Running successfully since 2010, Tournament Poker Edge is training site focused on the multi-table tournaments or MTTs. The best part is that it features top-rated tournament coaches who create videos and help poker players improve their games. The site launches training videos every weekday.  These videos range from live sweats to theory videos teaching you how to play pre-flop, on the flop, river and turn. Additionally, it also provides players with plenty of articles, blogs and forums. The good news is that Tournament Poker Edge requires you no sign-up fee and comes with low monthly cost.


Another a very useful tool to improve your game can be ICMIZER, which is a powerful subscription application with some customizeable features and download capability for desktop use. The key purpose of this app is to analyze single and multi-table tournaments and calculate the expected value for possible flop decisions. It is a killer tool that uses independent chip model (ICM) for calculations. It can help you in any situation in any type of a game for making or dealing with the pre-flop decisions.

3.Poker Calculator Pro

Coming from renowned poker software developer Poker Pro Labs, this is again a handy tool to see your winning percentages, hand strengths, and odds to increase winning chances. It comes with various built-in styles of play and table types, which means players can adjust for the table and style of play they want to employ. The program is one of the best odd calculator systems that recommend  you actions during a game through an on-screen HUD and voice commands. It also has a feature to profile players and keep their statistics. The best part- it requires no set-up and works instantly.

4.Poker Charts

It is a web-based service that allows players to track their personal performances with a set of graphs against their opponents for all poker sessions including casino, online, tournament and home games. It not only helps players to maintain records of their performances through various games, but also lets them to keep statistics including hourly rate and overall profit. The best thing is that your results are accessible to you only, not to other players. Interestingly, it is available for a 30-day free trial.

5.Poker Tracker 4

It is a very dynamic tracking and analysis program recommended widely for all serious poker players to improve their game. Compatible with all major online poker sites, the Poker Tracker 4 can be used for tracking both tournaments and cash game results. It comes with customizeable heads-up display, full graphing capabilities, full set of diverse filters, table selection options and a hand re-player. It is a comprehensive tracking solution for the Texas Hold’em and Omaha players across the world.