Poker Sports League Announces Final Phase of Pro Applications

After much anticipation, Poker Sports League (PSL)  has announced it’s first 12 pros selected in the PSL Pro Draft. These are the top pros selected from Phase-1 of applications. PSL has now announced that applications for phase-2 are open. The deadline for which is 11:59pmon March 6th, 2017. This will be the last chance for Poker players to apply for selection in a PSL Team.PSL Pro deadline 552x312

To give a background to players, there are 12 Teams in PSL. Each team is comprised of 9 players:


  • 1 Team Mentor
  • 2 Pro Players
  • 2 Live Qualifiers
  • 2 Online Qualifiers
  • 2 Wild Cards

The mentors for each team have just been finalized from a “Mentor Recommendation List” of 21 players. These are the top dogs of Indian Poker. Here’s a list of the final 12 who have been given the prestigious appointment of PSL Team Mentors:


  • Bengaluru Jokers: Raghav Bansal
  • Chennai Bulls: Aditya Sushant
  • Delhi Panthers: Akash Malik
  • Goan Nuts: Dhaval Mudgal
  • Gujarat Acers: Sumit Asrani
  • Haryana Hunters: Samay Parikh
  • Hyderabad Kings: Kunal Patni
  • Kolkata Royals: Romit Advani
  • Mumbai Anchors: Amit Jain
  • Pune Sharks: Shashank Jain
  • Punjab Bluffers: Abhishek Goindi
  • Rajasthan Tilters: Shravan Chhabria

The Mentors along with their Team Owners will appoint 24 pros out of a draft of 45 players (36 from Pro Draft + 9 remaining from Mentor Recommendations)

Players will need to fill an application form on to have a shot at the remaining 24 spots on the PSL Pro Draft. So hurry, the deadline is coming close!