Introduces Card Chase with Rs. 16 Lacs in Prizepool

To enrich the experience for card players, India’s largest poker site is pleased to introduce Card Chase, an exciting new game wherein card players get a chance to win from the prize pool of Rs. 16 lac GTD. Running from 11th March to 24th March, Card Chase is a 14-day challenge in which each player will be given two hole cards as a part of the daily challenge between 11th– 24th March. Players will have to use one or both cards a time or same time to win a hand to complete the challenge for the day and win their share from the exciting prizes. The hole cards will be given to players face down, but they will be revealed when the players click on them to start the challenge.

Interestingly enough for the card game lovers, the Card Chase features a jackpot worth Rs.2 lacs. Players who hit all daily challenges from 11th March to 24th March will be eligible to claim a jackpot worth Rs. 2 lac. This new game running for the entire 14 days also consists of a leaderboard where the players will be able to check out their ranks and points scored to track their progress in the game.

The enrollment for the game have already started from 4th March and will continue till 10th March. The deposit offers to avail extra benefits are on from today itself and will be valid until 10th March. It will be interesting to know that each of the top 10 players among depositors winning daily challenges between 11th– 24th March will get 2.5K in prize money, while the top 10 players among non-depositors who win daily challenges will be able to get 500 each. Between 12th-18th March, players will be able to compete in a 7 day-challenge wherein each of the top 10 players will be entitled to receive 50K in prizes. The auspicious Holi day on 13th March will bring players a chance to make use of a special deposit offer and convert their loyalty points into the real cash. Finally, the VIP Loyalty race will take off from 18th March and will continue till 24th March.

How to Register & Play Card Chase on

Entering and playing Card Chase is simple. All you need to do is visit the Game lobby, select Challenges and then select Card Chase. A pop-up will open and then click ‘ Start my chase’ and register for the game. As you register, a group of cards will appear in front of you. As and when you click on Day 1, it will reveal 2 Challenge Cards, which you will have to use to win a hand for the day on 25/50 and above table. Starting from Day 1 to Day 14, each day you will get new challenge cards to use and win the hand to meet the daily challenges. The users who win will get a thumb up and thumb down if they lose. Gear-up for the new game and get a chance to win from Rs. 16 Lac in the prize pool.

Remember, the daily challenge for the day starts as you click on cards. Community cards will not be considered, only hole cards will be taken into account for winning the game. The leaderboard ranking will be measured on the basis of the challenges completed and will be updated at 7:00 am, the next day.

For the additional details and information about Card Chase, please click HERE.