Chennai Pro Aditya Sushant Tops the DPT Leaderboard April 2017

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) April 2017 running from 19th to24th April wrapped up with 15K PLO event recently at India’s most luxurious casino,Deltin Royale Goa. The five-day series witnessed the gruelling action with various top pros and players battling it hard to win the DPT titles. The series saw impressive turnouts and massive prize pools being awarded to the winners across various events. Like the previous edition, April edition of the DPT had a 5 Lac Leaderboard to award and honor the top performing players. While there were several talented players battling it hard to top the leaderboard, it was Chennai’s Aditya Sushant who finally topped the DPT Leaderboard in April 2017. He earned the highest 253 LB points for his superb showing and claimed 150,000 in top prize money.OPN-552X312

The DPT Leaderboard April 2017 aimed to award top 10 players for their top-notch performances. With his impressive runs across DPT series, it was no surprise that Aditya would rake in the points and claim the top spot on the Leaderboard. He performed really well and finished 2nd in the 100K High Roller to earn INR 2294000. The big day for him came on the final day of the series when he took down the 15K PLO event for INR 476950 after beating Alok Birewar in heads-up. While Aditya came to the top, Mayank Agarwal hailing from the City of Joy- Kolkta took the 2nd spot on DPT leaderboard.

Mayank Agarwal won the 35K Main Event, which paid out INR 27,50,100 for the eventual winner. Apart from that win, the poker pro had several good runs across various events of the DPT April edition. Mayank received 235 LB points for his amazing performances to bag the 2nd spot on the leaderboard and win 90,000 in prize money. The man who claimed the 3rd spot was Vidwath Shetty from Bangalore. He took down the most coveted 100K High Roller title for a huge INR 36.23 lacs after outlasting an impressive 122-entry field. Vidwath claimed 196 points for his impressive performance and won 60,000 in prize money. Following Vidwath on the 4th and 5th positions were Haresh Kukreja (166 LB points) and Yohan Patel (165 LB points). Both players performed and fought really well for the 4th place, but unfortunately, Yohan ended up finishing 5th after trailing behind Haresh with just 1 point.

The other players who performed superbly and eventually etched their names on the DPT April 2017 Leaderboard included Abhishek Panda on 6th place with 153 LB points, Manoj Pentakota on 7th place with 145 LB points and Rubin Labroo on 8th position with 144 LB points. Alok Birewar and Chirag Patel also fought well and ended up claiming 126 and 122 LB points to claim the 9th and 10th places on the leaderboard. OPN congratulates all DPT leaderboard winners and wishes them all the best for future!