Poker Sports League Franchises Announce Their Final Teams for First PSL Season

Last Saturday saw the Poker Sports League (PSL) franchises picking up the poker players to complete their respective teams for the inaugural season of the League. Hosted at the Playboy Club, Delhi, the first auction of poker players in PSL saw all 12 franchises selecting India’s finest poker players. The franchises followed the Snake Draft process, which allowed the team owners to take turns in picking the players of their own choice. All team owners were seen very sensibly picking the players to ensure they had competitive squads going into the competition ahead.

Most of the team owners are well-known members of the Indian business community and of course poker enthusiasts themselves. The 9 members for every team have been divided into 4 sets of 2 players each – Pro Players, Live Qualifiers, Online Qualifiers, Wild Card Entries and the team captain and that makes it a total of 108 players who will be competing in the inaugural PSL league for a whopping INR 3.36 crores in prize money.

Below is the round-up of the poker players who have finally made it to the first-ever PSL Draft:

1.Bengaluru Jokers

Owner: Kunal Shah, Co-Founder of FreeCharge

Region: South

Mentor: Raghav Bansal

PRO: Jaideep Sajwan

PRO: Zarvan Tumboli

Live: Chirag Sodha

Live: Sandeep Nasa

Online: Praveen Kumar Anguru

Online: Varun Gupta

Wild Card: Donger Kim

Wild Card: Calvin Lee

2.Chennai Bulls

Owners: Girish Mathrubootham, Co-Founder of FreshDesk, Mithun Sacheti, Co-Founder of Caratlane

Region: South

Mentor: Aditya Sushant

PRO: Vidwath Shetty

PRO: Manoj Pentakota

Live: Sujith Sachidanand

Live: Rajesh

Online: Kartik Anand AG

Online: Rohit Bahel

Wild Card: Jagdeep Singh

Wild Card: Nitin Jain

3.Delhi Panthers

Owners: Rishi Kajaria of Kajaria Ceramics, Ruchirans Jaipuria of Jaipuria Group, Abhishek Jain of Leela Jewels, Gaurav Goel of Dhampur Sugar

Region: North

Mentor: Akash Malik

PRO: Aman Dhamija

PRO: Vinod Megalmani

Live: Samay Modi

Live: Akshay Nasa

Online: Kunal Bhatia

Online: Prashant Bhutoria

Wild Card: Dhruv Patel

Wild Card: Erik Rise


4.Gujarat Acers

Owners: Harish Bahl, Manish Vij, Gopikaa Davar of Smile Group, Mukesh Agarwal of VITWO

Region: West

Mentor: Sumit Asrani

PRO: Abhinav Iyer

PRO: Bhavesh NaiNani

Live: Anish Juwarkar

Live: Ramesh Roa Thotapalli

Online: Mayank Jain

Online: Manesh Rathod

Wild Card: Henrik Toleffsen

Wild Card: Raman Gujral

5.Haryana Hunters

Owners: Amrish Rau, Jitendra Gupta, Co-Founders of Citrus Payment

Region: North

Mentor: Samay Parikh

PRO: Paawan Bansal

PRO: Alok Ranjan

Live: Arjanveer Singh Chadha

Live: Rahul Marwaha

Online: Rishab Malik

Online: Arjun Khurana

Wild Card: Samuel Vousden

Wild Card: Tomi Brouk

6.Kings Hyderabad

Owners: Amit Shah, Karan Bhagat, Yatin Shah of IIFL-Wealth

Region: South

Mentor: Kunal Patni

PRO: Madan Kumar

PRO: Sangeeth Mohan

Live: Himanshu Arora

Live: Chiraag Patel

Online: Aarfeen Himany

Online: Nilesh Kumar

Wild Card: Sam Razavi

Wild Card: Shilpa Bhagat

7.Kolkata Royals

 Owners: Ankkit Bhadur of Playboy North, Taarun V Jain of Legend Group

Region: East

Mentor: Romit Advani

PRO: Sahil Agarwal

PRO: Mayank Agarwal

Live: Rohan Singh

Live: Naman Khettry

Online: Ram Kakkar

Online: Kunal Sharma

Wild Card: JW Prodigy

Wild Card: Harshvardhan Kapoor

8.Mumbai Anchors

Owner: Mehul Shah, Original Promoter of Anchor Electrical

Region: West

Mentor: Amit Jain

PRO: Nishant Sharma

PRO: Kartik Ved

Live: Mahipalsinh Vala

Live: Gaurav Gupta

Online: Salil Nagmote

Online: Honey Bijlani

Wild Card: Danish Shaikh

Wild Card: Abhishek Rathod

Team Manager: Anup Palod

9.Pune Sharks

Owners: Rishabh Jhunjhunwala of Bhilwara Group, Shamit Khemka of Synapse India, Chetan Kajaria of Kajaria Ceramics, Sachin Goel

Region: West

Mentor: Shashank Jain

PRO: Deepak Bothra

PRO: Sharad Rao

Live: Myron Pereira

Live: Rachit Saran

Online: Dhawal Lachhwani

Online: Mandira Gupta

10.Punjab Bluffers

Owners: Aditya Munjal of Hero Cycles Group, Arjun Jain of White Fox, Shiva Vig of Anika International

Region: North

Mentor: Abhishek Goindi

PRO: Sumit Sapra

PRO: Ratul Steves

Live: Gaurav Sood

Live: Aryan Chaudhary

Online: Vineet Kumar

Online: Yuvraj Chaudhary

Wild Card: Akira Ohyama

Wild Card: Vedant Thadani

11.Rajasthan Tilters

Owner: Purrshottam Bhaggeria of Filatex Group

Region: North

Mentor: Shravan Chhabria

PRO: Sahil Chutani

PRO: Siddarth Singhvi

Live: Sanjay Taneja

Live: Ashish Garg

Online: Aditya Arora

Online: Abhishek Tibrewala

Wild Card: Patrick Leonard

Wild Card: Muskan Sethi

12.Goan Nuts

Owner: Gaurav Mohan of Eventwala

Region: West

Mentor: Dhaval Mudgal

PRO: Vivek Rughani

PRO: Tarun Goyal

Live: Avinash Tauro

Live: Siddarth Karya

Online: Raman Jauhar

Online: Pranay Chawla

Wild Cards: Thomas Ward

Wild Cards: Bryan Huang

All players from the above teams will land in Goa for the Main Event of this first-ever PSL to battle it out for the prestigious honors from 24-28 May at India’s largest floating casino- Deltin Royale Goa. The PSL is a brand new chapter in India’s poker industry for the growth and sportification of poker and we hope that this will provide the much-needed boost to the ever-growing poker market in India.