Kevin Hart Announces New Partnership with PokerStars

In a major move, the famous comedian and Hollywood star Kevin Hart has partnered with the PokerStars brand. Hart will be working with PokerStars in order to promote the poker brand as well as make the game of poker fun for people. Last week, the star hosted a special press conference in Monaco announcing the new partnership with the world’s largest online poker site- PokerStars.Kevin-Hart-1-768x512

Hart invited Daniel Negreanu, a member of Team PokerStars Pro Team, to announce his plans on making poker fun and working with PokerStars. He also stated that he is glad there with all the pros in the game of poker and that he can compete with and ‘take their money’. According to him, the best in the game is someone like Negreanu who can make millions with his ability to win the game.

Although Hart did not give the details, but he told plans on changing the game of poker by using PokerStars marketing along with live poker events and his accounts on social media to promote the gaming aspects, which will be both fun as well as social. Commenting on this new partnership, Amaya Vice President of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser stated that PokerStars takes poker very seriously because it is their business and Hart makes everything fun because it is his business