Poker Sports League Day 1: The Main Event Winner Pune Sharks Claims ‘Team of the Day’ Title

The first edition of Poker Sports League (PSL) kicked off in a thundering fashion at Deltin Royale yesterday. The Day 1 of the league began with top 12 teams taking to the felts with full of energy and excitement to battle it out for the coveted title and trophy. These teams competed in various amazing events, including the Main Event, Teams Event, Heads-Up Hold’em, Heads-Up Omaha and a fast-paced Turbo event. The Day 1 ended with Pune Sharks topping the PSL Day1 Leaderboard and claiming the title of ‘Team of the Day ‘with 216000 points, while Delhi Panthers and Punjab Bluffers claimed 2nd and 3rd spots with 212400 and 189000 points. Given below is the full recap of the all 5 events on the Day 1:winner main event1#Main Event

The biggest event on Day 1 was Main Event wherein all top poker teams from the country took to the felts. After several hours of the gruelling action, it was Arjun Pasricha of Pune Sharks who emerged the winner with 216000 points. When the final table of the event began, it was Akash Malik of Delhi Panthers who led with 241300 chips. He was followed by Akira Ohyama of Punjab Bluffers with 145100 chips & Aditya Sushant of Chennai Bulls with 114000 chips. Arjun Pasricha began 4th at the final table, but he played smartly and got rewarded for the same in the end. In this event, a total of 8 teams finished in the money. Please have a look at the winning teams and their PSL scores:

Positions Player Name Team Name PSLP Scored
1 Arjun Pasricha Pune Sharks 216000
2 Akash Malik Delhi Panther 158400
3 Abhishek Goindi Punjab Bluffers 100800
4 Sujith Sachidanand Chennai 68400
5 Akira Ohyama Punjab 54000
6 Aditya Sushant Chennai 46800
7 Pranay Chawla Goa 39600
8 Praveen Anguru Bengaluru 32400

2#Teams Eventwinner teams event

Another exciting event on PSL Day 1 schedule was ‘Teams Event’. After several hours of intense competition, Alok Ranjan & Arjun Khurana of Haryana Hunters emerged as the winners of ‘Teams Event’ on Day 1. Manoj Pentakota & Ragesh of Chennai Bulls finished as runner-ups. Have a quick look at the table below:

Position Player Name Team Name PSLP Scored
1 Alok Ranjan &Arjun Khurana Haryana Hunters 60000
2 Manoj Pentakota &Ragesh Chennai Bulls 36000
3 Akshay Nasa &Prashant Jain Bhutoria Delhi Panthers 24000

3#Heads-Up Holdemheads up holdemIn Heads-Up Texas Hold’em event of PSL, the day finally ended with Naman Khettry of Kolkata Royals, Kartik Ved of Mumbai Anchors & Nilesh Kumar of Kings Hyderabad emerging the winners of ‘Heads-Up Texas Hold’em event on Day 1 of Poker Sports League. Each one of them bagged 30,000 points to bag victories.

4#Heads-Up Omahaheads up ploIn Heads-Up PLO event, the day ended with Zarvan Tumboli of Bengaluru Jokers,Tarun Goyal of Goan Nuts & Vinod Megalmani of Delhi Panthers winning titles. They all fought hard for several hours and played smartly to emerge winners.

5#Turbo Eventqualifier of the day

The Day 1 of Poker Sports League also featured an amazing Turbo event wherein online and live qualifiers from each team took to the felt to battle it out for the title. Finally after several hours of the play, Himanshu Arora of Kings Hyderabad emerged the ‘Qualifier Of The Day’. He shipped the Turbo event by bagging 77,400 PSL points. Varun Gupta of Bengaluru Jokers came 2nd by earning a total of 48600 points for his efforts. Following him was Sumit Sapra of Punjab Bluffers, who claimed a total of 30600 points. The 4th place on the table was claimed by Siddharth Singhvi, the pro of team Rajasthan.

Position Player Name Team Name PSLP Scored
1 Himanshu Arora Hyderabad 77400
2 Varun Gupta Bengaluru 48600
3 Sumit Sapra Punjab 30600
4 Siddharth Singhvi Rajasthan 23400

A Look at PSL Day1 Leaderboard:PSL day 1 leaderboard

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