Online Grinder ‘hissickness’ Takes Down Adda52 Millions for INR 427050

Last night was the big night of the month at India’s largest poker site, as their premier tournament Adda52 Millions took place. This online tournament guaranteed a huge INR 15 lacs in the total prize pool. It  saw a total of 168 hopefuls participating from across the country but in the end it was the online grinder ‘hissickness’ who took down the title for INR 427050. A total of 27 places were paid out in this event with the min-cash of INR 9855 going to ‘anurag.agrawal.13’ for making 27th place finish.Adda52millions_OPN---new

‘hissickness’ heads-up opponent and eventual runner-up was Shanaggi1, an experienced online poker player on He took home a cool INR 271013 for finishing 2nd in Adda52 Millions.

The last hand of the tournament took place with blinds running 30,000/ 60,000 with ante of 5000. The winner ‘hissickness’ holding 2d-ks moved all-in pre-flop and shanaggi1 holding 2c-8d made the call. The board ran out 6c-6d-2h-Jd-9d. ‘hissickness’ won the pot and title with two pair- 6d-6c-2d-2h. It was the first Adda52 Millions title for ‘hissickness’, giving him his biggest online cash this month.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 hissickness 427050
2 Shanaggi1 271013
3 gd1921 205313
4 anarchytect1 160144
5 trupp 119081
6 vinayakjay 86231
7 rohan_patnaik 57488
8 WhiteRabbit 45169
9 Ikkvr 34493