WPT 500 Las Vegas: Adda52 Online Qualifier Sumit Sapra Leads Remaining 14 Players from Day 1C

The international poker journey of Adda52 Pros and online qualifiers starts in a thundering fashion with WPT 500 Las Vegas going. They continue to scorch the felts by making deep runs. On Day 1C of WPT 500 Las Vegas that saw 608 cumulative entries, four Adda52 Team Pros and online qualifiers played in the field and Sumit Sapra emerged as the chip lead with 763,000 in chips (95 BB) among the 14 survivors from Day 1C. Chasing him on 2nd and 3rd place were Alexis Gilbard with 465,000 (58 bb) and Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther with 431,000 (54 bb).Sumit Sapra

A look at the 14 survivors from Day 1C:

  1.  Sumit Sapra  –  763,000  (95 bb)
  2.  Alexis Gilbard  –  465,000  (58 bb)
  3.  Nikita Luther  –  431,000  (54 bb)
  4.  Chad Awerbuch  –  419,000  (52 bb)
  5.  Emmanuel Rosario  –  395,000  (49 bb)
  6.  Shmuel Madar  –  386,000  (48 bb)
  7.  Darshan Sami  –  221,000  (28 bb)
  8.  Marvin Jones  –  193,000  (24 bb)
  9.  Josh Wallace  –  186,000  (23 bb)
  10.  Regina Koening  –  176,000  (22 bb)
  11.  Koen Lauwereys  –  163,000  (20 bb)
  12.  Tommy Coker  –  162,000  (20 bb)
  13.  Joep Raemaekers  –  110,000  (14 bb)
  14.  George Rakitzis  –  108,000  (14 bb)

Sapra who earned his entry into this event by playing on Adda52.com said,“I just got into a lot of good spots. He further added “I called off a lot of guys at the end who shoved for 15-20 bigs, and most of the time I had a decent hand to call them off. I already had a stack, so I could afford to make those calls.” Talking about tournaments in Goa, Sapra said, “We have a pretty good poker scene [in India]. We have tournaments every two months in Goa. But I feel that the scale at which things happen here [in Las Vegas], as well as the efficiency and the process is obviously so much better because these guys have been doing it for so many years.” Sharing his views on WPTDeepStacks in Goa, he said “I’m really excited, because I have a lot of friends in the WPT. I’ve been playing a lot of the tournaments since last year, and I know a lot of them, so I’m looking forward to having them come to Goa.”

Day 1B- Kunal Patni, Nikita Luther & Sumit Sapra Advance to Day 2 

The Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni from the commercial capital of Mumbai was seen in action on Day 1B at WPT500 Las Vegas. Kunal who holds $175,073 in career earnings has cashed out across several big international events in places like Las Vegas, Macau, Manila, and India. Yesterday, he was playing his second WPT500 Las Vegas and was still in contention. Among other Adda52 Pros who played in this event was none other than the petite lady Nikita Luther who advanced to Day 2 with 54 BB. Adda52 Online Qualifier Sumit Sapra emerged as the chip lead for the day with a stack of 95 BB.Another Adda52 Online Qualifier Rishabh Luthra and Aditya Sushant also took part in the event but could not move to Day 2. Luthra was knocked out early on Day 1C by his opponent Marc Rehnert.

Both Adda52 Team Pros like the structure of WPT 500 Las Vegas and are amazed with the kind of facilities and atmosphere they are getting there in Las Vegas. While for Kunal it is 2nd time, Nikita is playing this event for the first time. The New Delhi girl has been playing poker for several years, and she won the Ladies Event at the India Poker Championship back in December 2015. Both Kunal and Nikita are excited and looking forward to upcoming DPT & WPTDeepStacks events in Goa.

 Day 1A-Jon Borenstein Leads Final 9 Survivors with with 664,000 in chips

The Day 1A of the WPT500 Las Vegas came to an end on Tuesday with eight players remaining and it was Jon Borenstein who emerged as the chip lead with 664,000 in chips (111 big blinds). Chasing him on 2nd place was Jeff Mohr with 548,000 (91 bb). Below is a look at chip counts of remaining players:

  1.  Jon Borenstein  –  664,000  (111 bb)
  2.  Jeff Mohr  –  548,000  (91 bb)
  3.  John Duckworth  –  400,000  (67 bb)
  4.  Sarah Herzali  –  203,000  (34 bb)
  5.  Adem Arbuckle  –  141,000  (24 bb)
  6.  Federico Butteroni  –  128,000  (21 bb)
  7.  Andrew Cook  –  95,000  (16 bb)
  8.  Jimmy Miles  –  41,000  (7 bb)

 Day 1D Begins Begins Thursday

Day 1D begins on Thursday at 11:00 am, with unlimited re-entries running till registration ends around 3:30 pm. Day 2 begins on Tuesday, July 4th at 2:00 pm, and the nine-handed final table begins on Wednesday, July 5th at 2:00 pm. Stay tuned in right here for the latest updates on WPT500 Las Vegas.