Rajat ‘Oshoswami’ Sharma Wins The Rich Race on Adda52.com for INR 10 Lacs


Last Sunday, India’s largest poker site-Adda52.com hosted its flagship monthly tournament called The Rich Race, which guaranteed INR 10 lacs for the 1st place finisher. The event attracted a total of 676 entries and outlasting them was a well-known face from the poker circuit and a passionate poker player in Rajat ‘Oshoswami’ Sharma from Gurgaon, Haryana. Rajat defeated Navin ‘urfish’ Gopi in heads-up play and a packed field of 676 entries to take down the first place prize money of INR 10 lacs. Navin Gopi settled down for the 2nd place prize money of INR 4.12 Lacs. This tourney paid out to a total of 63 players with a min-cash of INR 5408 going to the online player ‘sath’.rajat winner

The victory for Rajat was not easy as his heads-up opponent Navin fought it hard till the end. The Rich Race tournament wrapped up in the morning 3:4 AM with blinds running 70000-140000 with an ante of 25000 when Rajat ‘oshoswami’ Sharma in the small blind moved all-in with Ac-Kc and Navin ‘urfish’ Gopi holding Ks-4d made the call from the big blind position. The board ran out 7d-3h-4c-Ah-9d, giving Rajat a top pair of Aces to eliminate Navin 2nd place and win The Rich Race title for this month. Rajat is one of the most experienced players on Adda52.com and has several wins to his credit. However, this was his first win in The Rich Race and it was very special as it brought up the biggest cash online cash for him. Before him, the players who won this event include ‘Sidddhu’ in March, ‘pratibhameena1995’ in April, ‘Deepsiya’ in May and ‘thekiller12’ who took down it in the month of June 2017.

Sharing his experience about his grand win in The Rich Race tournament, Rajat said, “Obviously it feels good winning any tournament because of the long grind that one puts in. This one was special because its my highest pay day till date, specially when you have been on some down swing for the last 3-4 months. In fact I had finished 2nd in the March or April edition of Rich Race & it feels good to close it out finally.”

It has been a great Sunday for Aditya ‘adityapatodia’ Patodia and Tarun ‘aggtarun’ Goyal, as they managed to finish among the top five players in this tournament on 3rd and 4th positions. The online grinder Aditya claimed a cool INR 2.77 Lacs for his 3rd place finish, while Adda52 Team pro-Tarun settled for INR 2.29 Lacs for making 4th place finish.

OPN India congratulates  the winner and all ITM players in The Rich Race and wishes them good luck for future!