DOPT Ends with ‘King0fMerge’ Claiming 2 Back to Back High Roller Titles & ‘abhishek 47 aj’Leading Main Event FT to Be Live in Goa

The 10-day poker fiesta-Deltin Online Poker Tournament on has been a successful series with total of 10347 entries and a whopping INR 20740305 in the total prize pool across 76 amazing events. The four biggest events on this DOPT schedule included 20 Lac GTD High Roller, 30 Lac GTD Super High Roller, DOPT 10 Lac and 40 Lac GTD DOPT Main Event, the final table of which will be played live at Deltin Royale Goa next month and will be livestreamed via social media channels. 552x312_dopt_me,shr
While the series featured several big events across 10 days of massive action, the highlight event was DOPT Main Event, which concluded yesterday and featured a whopping INR 40 Lac in prize pool for a buyin of just INR 15000. It drew a total of 253 entries. A total of 18 players made it to the ITM list with min-cash of INR 24000 going to the online player ‘mehala2008’.
The he final table of this marquee online tourney has been reached yesterday and will be played live during Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) series in September this year. The man who leads the final table in chips is none other than Abhishek ‘abhishek47aj’ Jalan with 1507242 in chips. Expressing his feelings about being chip lead at the final table, Abhishek said, “very happy with my performance in the dopt main event till now hope to close it on winning note.. beautiful structures by adda started playing the event in my beautiful home town VARANASI looking forward for the win in goa.. “.cheers!
Abhishek  is then followed by Nikhil ‘nikhil234880’Agarwal with 1104363 chips. Sitting on 3rd place in chips is the online grinder Romit ‘ft83’ Advani. He holds 978403 chips.

A quick look at final table chip counts:

abhishek47aj 1507242
nikhil234880 1104363
ft83 978403
newkidpoker 959578
pradhan83 818752
selfclaimedpro 722992
Zonas 593698
sandystorm 460132
bhaijiii 444840
DOPT Super High Roller
The  2nd biggest event in DOPT was Super High Roller, which featured a guaranteed prizepool of INR 30 Lac. The man who emerged winner in this event was yet again King0fMerge who won High Roller title just before a  day. He took down coveted super high roller after beating Rajat ‘Oshoswami’ Sharma in heads-up. The online grinder King0fMerge won a whopping INR 1200000 for his topnotch performance, while ‘Oshoswami’ settled down for the 2nd place prize money of INR 690000. The well-known player on India’s live poker circuit Sumit ‘Hammer_Head’ Sapra made a 3rd place finish for an impressive INR 480000. A total of 6 players were paid out in this tournament with a min cash of INR 270000 going to ‘ smallboy’.
A Quick Look at Key Events in DOPT:
DOPT 6 Lac
DOPT kicked off on 18th August with the biggest event of the day-DOPT 6 Lac, which featured INR 6 Lacs in prize pool for a buy-in of INR 3500. The event drew 112 entries and outlasting them was‘rohanrishi’ to earn INR 162000 . In heads-up, he beat Nikhil ‘nikhil234880’ Agarwal who walked away with INR 102000 . In total, 18 players made it to money in this tournament with min-cash of INR 6000.
DOPT 7 Lac
19th August saw DOPT 7 Lac which featured INR 7 Lac in the guaranteed prize pool. The event drew a total of 132 entrants to battle it out for the top prize money. After a battle of several hours, it was‘Pokerbluffs007’ who emerged the winner after defeating the online grinder‘icepick007’.
DOPT 15 Lac
On 20th August, the series featured DOPT 15 Lac event, which featured INR 15 Lacs in prize pool guarantee for buy-in of INR 75000. In total, 154 hopefuls took to the tables and outlasting them all was Krishan ‘PickPocket007’ Agarwal who defeated Nagendra Singh ‘gameank123’ Tomar to win the title for INR 390000 in top prize money. A total of 27 places paid in this tournament with the min cash of INR 9000.
DOPT 10 Lac
One of the key events of the series, DOPT 10 Lac took place on 26th August last week and saw a total of 147 runners battling it out for their share of INR 10 Lacs in GTD. In the last, it was ‘ rishab16’ who won the title for INR 261300 after defeating ‘MrMontana’ who settled down for INR 165825 for his 2nd place prize money. A total of 27 players in this tournament made money with min-cash of INR 6030 going to ‘achilles’.
DOPT Leaderboard
This DOPT featured a 2 Lac Leaderboard wherein the online grinder ‘pharlap’ topped the chart and received 57000 in prize money. The online player ‘chicky’ came 2nd and earned 36000 instant bonus. The well-known‘naren89’ ended earning 26000 instant bonus for making a 3rd place finish on the DOPT leaderboard.

A Look at Top 15 in DOPT Leaderboard:

Rank user_id user_name Prize
1 507312 pharlap 57000
2 181047 chicky 36000
3 988895 naren89 26000
4 872737 jaishanidev 20500
5 160700 zxcvuiop 15000
6 298809 monish1965 11000
7 1078494 Jop 7500
8 685022 vision100 6000
9 108009 akb786 4500
10 324083 rajnkrajnk 3000
11 1143332 Crazyy 3000
12 798456 pokerfan2009 3000
13 772890 sumit4game 2500
14 761700 mowgumotu 2500
15 739203 pokeraddikt 2500