Macau Poker Cup 27: Paawan Bansal Takes Down HK$6K Event for HK$75,000

The Macau Poker Cup (MPC) is currently underway at the PokerStars LIVE poker room in the City of Dreams Macau. This 17 day long poker fiesta running from 25 August – 10 September includes several exciting events, including the much awaited Red Dragon Main Event – a HK $15,000 buy-in tournament with a massive HK $10,000,000 GTD.Paawan Bansal 6K event MPC

A large Indian contingent is attending the series and the breaking news is that India’s Paawan Bansal shipped the HK$6,000 NLH event for HK$75,000 with two other players Nathan Rao and Akshay Nasa making runner-up finishes. Nathan made a second-place finish in HK$3,000 NLH event while Akshay Nasa emerged a runner-up in the HK$500 Flipout event. Rao bagged HK$40,500 while Nasa pocketed HK$15,046 for their efforts.

Given below is the quick recap of the 6 events at 27 Macau Poker Cup (MPC):

Event 1: HK $2,000 Kick-off (HK $300,000 GTD)

It was taken down by Hong Kong’s Ka Shing Wong. He outlasted 314 entries that created a prizepool of HK $548,244. Wong defeated USA’s Kenny Chun Kang Shih in heads-up battle where both the players agreed a deal in the final round. Wong collected HK $108,000 for his first place finish while Shih took home HK $100,000. From Team India, Neeraj Kumar made it to ITM list, finishing at 18th place for HK $5,000 in prize money.

Event 2: HK $10,000 NLH ($800,000 GTD)
The event 2 of MPC drew a total of 81 players and outlasting them was Malaysia’s Kian Weng Choong. He won HK $216,000 for his 1st place finish. Choong outlasted Hong Kong’s Laurent Huai Eng Ly who took home HK $144,000 for his second place finish.

Event 3: HK $3,000 NLH
It was taken down by Taiwan’s Tzh Hung Chuang who beat Indian player Nathan Rao in heads-up. Chuang collected HK $60,834 for his first place finish and Rao settled down for HK $40,500 for his runner-up finish. The event drew 86 entries for a prizepool of HK $225,234.

Event 4: HK $500 Flipout
It drew 220 participants and created a prizepool of HK $96,030. It was Israel’s Ben Gur after knocking out Indian player Akshay Nasa in heads-up. Gur took home HK $23,000 for his win while Nasa earned HK $15,046 for his 2nd place finish. In this event, two other Indian players also cashed out. Neeraj Kumar took 13th place for HK $1,400 and Nishant ‘DoJingBULLETS’ Sharma finished in 22nd place for HK $1,000.
Event 5: HK $6,000 NLH
The biggest day for Team India came in Event 5 when India’s ace player Paawan Bansal won Event 5: HK $6,000 NLH by outlasting 65 players. When the event was down to three-way action, all players agreed a deal to alter the prize payouts from 1st-3rd place. The eventual winner Bansal collected HK $75,000 along with a Spadie trophy. He defeated Fan Jia in heads-up battle who won HK $101,000. Another Indian player Ronal Jatin Vyas made it to the final table but ended finished in the 6th place for HK $23,770.

Event 6: HK $2,500 Knockout
The event drew a total of 90 players making a prizepool of HK $151,425. Hong Kong player Yiu Heung shipped this event for HK $40,900 beating fellow player Wing Cheong Chong in heads-up battle. Chong took home HK $27,300 for his 2nd place finish. Indian player Nathan Rao once again made a final table but again he was unfortunately not able to go long way. After a good run, Rao wend out in 4th place for HK $15,100.

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