In Conversation with DOPT Main Event Final Table Chip Lead-Abhishek ‘abhishek47aj’ Jalan from Varanasi

Born in Varanasi, Abhishek Jalan  is one of the most talented poker players on India’s poker circuit with several wins and deep runs across various prestigious live as well as online events. Recently, he came in headline for announcing his new venture titled AceJack (AJ), a stable which is primarily to stake players for live cash games across the country. Back in 2016, Jalan got media attention for winning the Rounders Poker Championship 25K Main Event. That is not all on his resume, he has  made several deep runs across various events in Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), the next edition of which will  take place from 13th to 18th September at the Deltin Royale, Goa.Abhishek 2

A well-known name on domestic circuit, the 22 year-old Abhishek ‘abhishek47aj’ Jalan has entered the DOPT Main Event Final Table as the chip leader with 1507242. He has a huge lead of 402879 chips over his final table mate Nikhil ‘nikhil234880’ Agarwal who holds 1104363 in chips. With his skill, experience and massive stack, Jalan has a great chance at winning the INR 40 Lac guaranteed DOPT Main Event, an Adda52’s prestigious online tourney the final table of which will be played live on 14th September 2017 at the luxurious casino-Deltin Royale, Goa.

OPN Team got a chance to catch up with the DOPT Main Event Final Table chip lead Abhishek Jalan who shared his final table journey, future plans and a lot more with us. Here are a few excerpts of his interview:

1.First of all, congratulations for being the DOPT Main Event FT chip lead. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how and when did you move into poker?

Abhishek- I got introduced to the game in a family gathering a few years back and then saw the bigger picture when I moved to Pune for my college.There was a friendly tournament that was hosted in the college for students. Beginner’s luck worked and I managed to finish 3rd in that tourney. From there, I got hooked on to the game and have been enjoying my game both on live as well as virtual felts.

2.Coming back to DOPT Main Event, how does it feel after being the Final Table chip lead in this event?

Abhishek-I feel so proud. I managed to finish the online leg on the chip leading note. And I hope to close it with a win in Goa on 14th September 2017.

3.Describe your journey through DOPT Main Event. Give us details on some crucial hands.

Abhishek-I had a little above average and all was going well.Then, a hand happened with Madan Kumar where he opened 3x from cut off. I had QQ in the big blind and I three bet him. Don’t know but he felt I am light. He jammed 30 Bigs with A7 suited .I had to call there .It was pretty unfortunate and he clipped an A . I came down to 8 BB and then grinded my way back.

4.What do you think was your toughest hand in this special tournament on

Abhishek-I can’t recall a toughest hand but yeah after losing QQ <A7 I was left with just 8 BB, so the whole journey from 8 BB to being the chip leader was really tough.

5.Any special plan for DOPT Main Event Final Table to be played Live at Deltin Royale Goa?

Abhishek-Just gonna play my best game. And hoping to run pure and ship it

6.Who do you feel will be the toughest player to play against at the final table?

Abhishek-A really really close friend and also my biggest fear on the table Sahil ‘antilog’ Agarwal. I am worried as I find it tough playing against him.

7.How much poker do you play on an average?

Abhishek-I used play a lot of poker and I still do but most of my time these days goes away in managing my stable AceJack (AJ).

8.Do you have any special plans with your winnings?

Abhishek-Very soon, will be leaving on holiday  to Australia. So the plan is to win the DOPT Main Event and spend my earnings in Australia.

9.Any hobbies outside the game of poker?

Abhishek- No special hobbies. I just play and love poker.

10. Finally, any advice for up and coming poker players?

Abhishek-I always have just one advice to everyone: the toughest part of the game is if you could be disciplined to manage your bankroll. If you can do it, nobody can stop you from growing. Never get over confided and always be open to learning #Bajo