Woman Poker Players

Poker is known as a man’s game since ancient times. Due to lack of opportunities and the misconceptions about complexity and legality of the game, poker was not easily accessible to play for women. But nowadays, we are seeing a great increase in active participation of female poker players. Women are competing against men on national as well as international platforms and exhibiting their determination, patience, and perseverance and achieving great success in the game. The percentage of presence of woman poker players is rapidly increasing on high stake live tables. Due to easy accessibility and availability of online games, female players are more comfortable learning and mastering the game. Some women are playing as a hobby or a recreational activity, but some have decided to follow their dream to become a professional poker player.

Even in India, women are showing great enthusiasm towards professional poker playing. Because of the increasing awareness about the game and the phenomenal success of lady poker pros like Anju Abrol and Muskan Sethi on International playgrounds, Indian woman players are now getting more support and approval from their families and society to live their dream and pursue poker as a career. It is really delightful to see woman players realizing their potential and creating records after records in a game like a poker which was once a male-dominated game. Like other popular games, woman poker pros are role models for youngsters and their achievements aspire the new generation to learn and play this skill-based card game and become a famous poker celebrity.

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