Amit ‘amitshur2984’ Sur Is Biggest Achiever Among This Week’s Winners in Go Crazy Tourneys

The crazy poker action continues on India’s largest poker site – with Go Crazy Tourneys running successfully, drawing impressive participation and crushing the guarantees. This week on Monday, the poker site played host to the 2nd edition of The Roar, which was taken down by Amit Sur aka ‘amitshur2984’ for INR 2,10,000. Later, the site hosted its Judwaa tourneys on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first Judwaa found a winner in Apoorva Sharma aka ‘sharmaapoorva’, while the second event crowned Dhawal ‘Dhawal24’ Lachhwani as its champion. Apoorva won INR 1,58,175 for his first-place finish, while Dhawal banked INR 1,52,475 for his efforts.756x406_winners (1)

Let us have a quick round-up of the Go Crazy Tourneys, which took place this week:

7 Lac GTD The Roar- (Monday, 22nd January)

The week began with INR 44,00 buy-in The Roar, which drew a total of 167 entries and easily crushed the total guarantee. Outlasting the field in this event was none other than the well-known Amit Sur aka ‘amitshur2984’ , who defeated Puneet Mishra ‘puneet79’ in the heads-up battle to take down his first The Roar title for INR 2,10,000. Puneet pocketed a cool INR 1,33,000 for his runner-up finish. Top 12 places were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 12,250.

On the last hand of the tournament, the big blind amitshur2984 raised pre-flop and puneet79moved all-in, which ‘amitshur2984’ called. ‘amitshur2984’ had Ad-Ah, while ‘puneet79’ held 10s-Jc. The board ran 5h-2c-8c-7h-8d and amitshur2984 took down the title with two pairs- Ad-Ah-8c-8d.

5 Lac GTD Judwaa (Tuesday, 23rd January)

The first Judwaa of this week took place on Tuesday, 23rd January and went on to become a grand success again with a total of 222 entries, which created a prize pool of INR 5,55,003. The event saw a champion in Apoorva Sharma who plays on under his online name ‘sharmaapoorva’. He defeated Meherzad Munsaf aka ‘sailaway’ in the heads-up play to take down the title for a cool INR 1,58,175. A total of 15 places were paid out in this tourney with a min-cash of INR 6,938.

The last hand of the tournament saw the big blind sailaway moving all-in, which sharmaapoorva in the small blind called. The big blind had Qc-8h, while the small blind held 10s-8s.The board ran Kd-3h-10c-2c-6s to give ‘sharmaapoorva’ a pair of Tens to win the first Judwaa title.

5 Lac GTD Judwaa (Wednesday, 24th January)

The 2nd Judwaa tourney this week took place on Wednesday and drew a total of 214 entries, taking the prize pool to INR 5,35003, which was distributed among the top 15 players with INR 1,52,475 going to the winner Dhawal ‘Dhawal24’ Lachhwani, who defeated the well-known Ankur Gupta aka ‘gankur0101’ in the heads-up battle. Ankur pocketed a cool INR 9,6,300 for his 2nd place finish.

The last hand of the tournament saw the small blind ‘gankur0101’ raising with 7c-Qd pre-flop to which the big blind ‘Dhawal24’ moved all-in with 10s-Js. The board ran Kh-4s-7h-8c-10d, giving ‘Dhawal24’ a winning pair with 10s-10d to take down his first Judwaa title on

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