In Conversation With Sunday Suits Winner- Nishant ‘DoJingBULLETS’ Sharma

The last Sunday saw on saw the 10 Lac GTD Sunday Suits, which went on to become a grand success with 314 entries and created a prize pool of INR 10, 36,200. Topping the field was Nishant Sharma aka ‘DoJingBULLETS’ who won INR 2,70,000 for his 1st place finish after beating Ragesh ragesh91’ Mishra who currently leads the race for INR 20 Lac in the Go CrazyLeaderboard.Nikita 880x150

Nishant is one of the most consistent players competing in the Go Crazy Tourneys on and currently sits on 11th position on the Crazy Leaderboard with 199 LB points. We caught up with him to find out about his poker journey, his win and future plans. Here is what he had to say:

Q- Hello Nishant, first of all congratulations on winning Sunday Suits on! For our readers, please tell us a little about yourself. How and when did you come across the game of poker?

A-I was in college when one of my friends introduced me to Zynga Poker. I used to play only once a week at my friend’s place and sometimes online on Zynga only to take care of my expenses at that time, but have been playing professionally since last 1.5 years and it’s been one hell of a journey till now.

Q- Coming to Sunday Suits, how was your overall experience playing Sunday Suits? And how do you feel after taking down this popular event on

A- It’s a good tourney with great structure and on Sunday it’s always on my priority list. Had few deep runs in the past and it feels good to finally ship it.

Q- Any key hands or takeaways you want to share with our readers?

A– 4 place away from ITM, I won a big pot against an aggro-recreational player with AQ>A9 (I guess), that was the turning point.

Q – Any turning point where you felt that you could ship this tourney?

A- Well, whichever tourney I register for, I think, I will ship it, but only a few make it to the list.

Q- What do you think was the toughest hand in this tournament?

A- As such, none!

Q- How about the final table? Who was the toughest player you faced on the final table?

A- Kingofmerge ( who became the first Godfather last week). He is the best poker player in India and I’m glad that he is my mentor/coach too.

Q-You beat ‘ragesh91’ in heads-up. Can you describe your heads-up gameplay and experience?

A– Ragesh is from our stable only, so it was never going to be easy. The worst part was that he had 1:7 chip lead when we started.  It’s sweeter when we make a comeback.

Q- Online poker is growing rapidly in India. How do you see 2018 going for online poker? 

A- One year back, no one thought that there would be 1 crore guarantee. So, it is going to be a big year and maybe we will see 2CR+ GTD tourneys by the end of 2018.

Q-Your views on Go Crazy Tourneys on What are your plans for Godfather tonight at 8PM?

A – I really liked the promotion and I’m planning to grind it out. Hopefully, I make it to the big SNG.

Q- Finally, any advice for the aspiring Indian poker players looking to make a mark in poker?

 A- Guys, please understand the variance, because the more you think/crib over the bad beat, the worse it gets. “Only remember the hands where you played bad and not the hands where you got sucked out”

Thanks for your time and good luck for the upcoming Go Crazy Tourneys and DPT Feb 2018!