Praveen ‘praveen155’ Kumar and Jaydeep ‘armageddon’ Dawer Win This Week’s Judwa Titles

India’s largest poker continues to excite players with its hot line-up of Go Crazy Tourneys. One of the headlining events this week was Judwaa, a re-enter tourney which is set to take place every Tuesday and Wednesday and brings to players a chance to win a Macau Package. The event was a grand success with impressive turnouts on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Judwaa (Tuesday, 16th January)

The first Judwaa of the week took place on Tuesday and went on to become a grand success with 248 entries in total, thus crushing the guarantee and taking the prize-pool to INR 620000. Top 15 players shared the prize pool with a min-cash of INR 7750. After fierce battles of several hours, it was Praveen Kumar aka ‘praveen155’ who remained the last man standing in this event and pocketed a cool INR 176700 after beating Deepak Bothra aka ‘bothras’ in the heads-up battle. Continuing his good run, Punjab Bluffer’s mentor- Abhishek Goindi aka ‘pomfret1989’ finished 7th in this event.

The last hand of the tournament came with the blinds running 45,000/90,000. The online player ‘praveen155’ held 10s-Js, while ‘bothras’ had 8h-7d. The board was 10d-7h-10c-5h-4h where the player ‘praveen155’ took down the first Judwaa title with Three of A Kind- 10s-10d and 10c.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

praveen155 176700
bothras 111600
anarchytect1 80600
gmtesting 63550
soms4t 46500
rajnkrajnk 34100
pomfret1989 23250
sumit4game 18600
uhembram 13950


 Judwaa ( Wednesday, 17th January)

The 2nd Judwaa of the week took place on Wednesday and drew a total of 228 entries, creating a prize pool of INR 5,70,000, which was distributed among top 15 players. The highest payout of INR 162450 went to Jaydeep ‘armageddon’ Dawer who beat GokulRaj Dharmarajan aka ‘gokoolered’ in heads-up. The player ‘gokoolered’ walked away with a cool INR 102600 for his runner-up finish.

On the last hand of the tournament, ‘armageddon’ moved all-in with Ah-3d and the short- stack ‘gokoolered’ re-shoved behind with 7s-10h. The board ran out 9s-Kd-Jc-2s-Kc and ‘armageddon’  won the title with one pair of Kings, becoming the 2nd Judwaa champion this Wednesday.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

Armageddon 162450
gokoolered 102600
Bangbang1881 74100
adrelineJJ 58425
kvohra 42750
chill_bro 31350
rohanrishi 21375
thak 17100
josephtlang 12825

 Remember, Judwaa is a super-value tourney on wherein a poker player who wins consecutively on Tuesday and Wednesday wins the coveted Macau Package. And a player who finishes in the money in both tourneys (on Tuesday and Wednesday) gets a ticket to next Tuesday’s Judwaa. The event can get you to Macau at just INR 2750. So, don’t miss out on the next Judwaa!

The Roar (7 Lac GTD Event, 15th January)

The first day of the Week – Monday saw The Roar in Go Crazy Tourneys, which featured INR 7 Lac GTD prize pool for a buy-in of INR 44,00. The event was a huge success with a total of 225 entries, which took the prize pool to INR 9 Lac. Besting the field in this event was ‘randysingh’ who defeated the online player ‘matrixx’ in the heads-up to claim the top prize money of INR 256500. The runner-up  ‘matrixx’ settled for a cool INR 162000. A total of 15 players were paid out with a min-cash of INR 11250, which went to the well-known Eka Vedantham aka ‘Squashgod’ for his 15th place finish.