Amit ‘Amit030’ Kumar Becomes The 5th Godfather Winning INR 5,20,000

Yesterday was a big day on India’s largest poker site-, as it saw several online events wrapping up successfully. Headlining these was the 5th edition of the high-value-Godfather, which drew a total of 329 entries and besting the field this time was Amit ‘Amit030’ Kumar, who defeated ‘majnubhai’ in heads-up and claimed the title for INR 5,20,000. The runner-up ‘majnubhai’ settled for a cool INR 3,3,0000 for his efforts. Top 27 places were paid out with a min-cash of INR 12,000.756x406_Winner_Godfather_2 (1)

On the last hand of the tournament with blind running 25000/50000, the eventual winner ‘Amit030’ holding Ac-2c raised and ‘majnubhai’ shoved his stacks with Ad-3d. ‘Amit030’ tanked and called the all-in bet. The board ran out 3d-Ah-4c-Qc-8c to give ‘Amit030’ a winning flush to take down the title.

The field was really tough, as this Godfather tourney drew a lot of prominent poker players, including the likes of badtameez_donk, homelite, sweatmyass13’ amitshur2984, slotmachine, pomfret1989, thegrinder, VasuShrest, hzgod, Squashgod, Zonas, MUSKAAAN, anishpatra, manamish, Highroller15, thatsmymoney, and Bhaijiii to name a few.

The road to victory for ‘Amit030’ was not easy, as the final table of the event had some of the most prominent players. It included the likes of bothras, Oshoswami, ImHighIshove and gameank123.

A Look at Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 Amit030 520000
2 majnubhai 330000
3 bothras 250000
4 Oshoswami 195000
5 ImHighIshove 145000
6 gameank123 105000
7 sanjaykotak75 70000
8 mihirparv 55000
9 pharlap 42000

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