Glory! How important is this word for you?

This noun is a very powerful term. Glory means Victory, Glory means pride, Glory means honor, and much more that can’t be put in words. If a King was to define it, he would say, ‘to crown a man is glory!’, if an army man was asked about it, he would say, ‘to conquer the battlefield is glory!’, and similarly, there are numerous definitions which proves the grandeur of the word.

So, what makes us write this article?

Imagine you’re on a battlefield, surrounded by enemies ready to pounce on you. Your heart rate goes up, and you’re breathing heavily. Suddenly you make a bold move and the tables turn in your favour. To put it in the right way, “The road to Glory isn’t filled with flowers. All you have to do is buckle up!”.PSL

Something similar is happening here at the Poker Sports League. We’re offering you the most exciting battlefield of all time. At Poker Sports League, every move requires a strategy and a full-fledged plan. This league is for all the Poker Bravehearts out there, who believe that they have the power to prove themselves.

We at Poker Sports League are on the lookout for the Poker pros who believe they can prove their mettle at the Poker table and take their opponents head-on and this is just the beginning. We are also giving you the chance of competing on National Television where the entire world would be watching you while you take your opponents on a thrill ride.

The Pros registrations would remain open for another 5 days. All you must do is visit and submit your application in the ‘Player application’ section and that’s it.

Take a shot at Glory and who knows, you could be amongst the winners of the prize pool of INR 3.6 Cr. See you at PSL!