Heads-Up with Satwaki ‘rtl700’ Sarkar Who Took Down Sunday Suits for INR 2,76,900

The premier weekly tournament-Sunday Suits took place on the last Sunday evening and drew 355 entries to take the prize pool to a hefty INR 10,65,005. While the event saw many well-known pros, the regulars, and the past adda52 champions, it was the young lad-Satwaki Sarkar aka ‘rtl700’ from Kolkata, who took down the event for INR 2,76,900 after beating Pankaj Bhardwaj aka ‘peushup’ in heads-up. For Satwaki, it was the first big score to kick-start 2018 on adda52.com.880x150_getall

We caught up with Satwaki to talk about his win, experience, and future plans. Here is what he had to say:

Hi Satwaki, a big congratulation on the win! Please tell us how and when you came across poker.

Satwaki: I started playing during college time in 2009. I used to play live in Bangalore once in a while. I built a decent bankroll but lost it all quickly due to poor bankroll-management. Then, I started playing on adda52.com at 2/4 blinds in October 2014. I slowly built up the bankroll and now I play regularly at 50/100 blinds. I play only on adda52.com and very little on other sites as the site has treated me well. I’m more of a cash game player and adda52.com has the best volume and so I play only here.

Q-Coming back to Sunday Suits, how do you feel after winning this popular weekly tourney?

Satwaki: It feels great, ran well in the late stages. In fact, I have been neglecting tournaments for a while now, probably I should play more of the same.

Q-How tough was the field? How was your experience in the tournament?

Satwaki: The field was pretty tough. Fortunately, I had a good chip lead when the final table of the event started and 3 handed I won a huge flip against ‘vasushrest’, which helped to seal it. I didn’t have much hope as I have been bricking tournaments for a while now. The last big score was the last year in summer when I came 4th  in The Rich Race. So, I’m very glad that I won. It would be better if the number of paid places is based on the total entries rather than the total registered players.

Q- Any special moment/hand from the tourney?

Satwaki: As I said, 3-handed I was second in chips and the chip leader ‘vasushrest’ probably 4 bet shoved with Jacks. I had Ace-Queen. I tank-called and luckily it went my way in the end.

Q-What tournaments do you plan ahead to play in Go Crazy Tourneys?

Satwaki: I plan to play Godfather and The Whale in Go Crazy Tourneys ahead, but I am not sure as I have a day job.

Q- Finally, any words of advice for the upcoming online poker players in India?

 Satwaki: Hahaha, I don’t think I qualify for this question. Anyways, the advice would be to follow bankroll management and stick with it. Don’t give up!

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