In Conversation With Manoj ‘thatsmymoney’ Pentakota Who Won The Whale Title This Weekend

The last weekend of Go Crazy Tourneys on saw the 15 Lac GTD Whale 6-Max tourney, which drew a strong 151-entry field. Outlasting this field was Manoj Pentakota who plays under his online name ‘thatsmymoney’. The 29-year old Mechanical Engineer from Vishakhapatnam, who left his job with a US-based trading firm in Pune to pursue poker professionally, beat the well-known Kartik ‘Pegasus1505 Ved in heads-up to win his first title of Go Crazy Tourneys for INR 4.5 Lac.

Manoj is a well-respected player in India’s poker circuit and holds a solid resume with various big scores in his name. He has won several big live events, including DPT High Roller, APT Head Hunter, and DPT Tag Team Event to name a few. He is known for his solid gameplay at the virtual felts and has notched up big scores across tournaments on India’s largest and other domestic sites. His Whale-6 Max win was his first title of Go Crazy Tourneys. We cough up with him to talk about his win, his gameplay, and future plans, and here is what he had to say:

Q-Hi Manoj, a big congratulation on the win! How does it feel to win this event of Go Crazy Tourneys?

Manoj: I love playing 6-Max events and hence I am very thankful to that has brought up a featured 6- Max event on a weekday. It always feels great, especially when you ship the very first event of a month-long Leaderboard, as it gives you a head start- #GoCrazy.880x150_getall

Q-How tough was the field? How was your experience in the tournament?

Manoj: The field on is a good mix. Now that we have a Leaderboard, it eventually brings more regulars into play. I had a huge chip advantage with 11 more to go. Kartik Ved chipped up pretty well and eventually, we ended up playing heads-up. The heads-up was tough with me being an underdog (3:1). Then, I won a flip to come back and it went on for a while with stacks to and fro.

Q- Any special moment/hand from the tourney?

Yes, the final hand! It was pre-flop all-in AJo>10Jo, which gave me the coveted title with two pairs.

Q-What tournaments do you plan ahead to play in Go Crazy Tourneys?

 Manoj: I played every tourney for the January Leaderboard and finished in 9th place. In February, I am travelling to play live events, but will still try to play as many as I can, to be on the Leaderboard.

 Q-How do you see 2018 for poker, considering the last year was so explosive for the game?

Manoj: It is going to be a great year. We have so many poker leagues coming up in 2018, which would definitely change the perception around the game and eventually promote it.

Q- What are your plans for DPT starting 15th February in Goa?

 Manoj: I have no particular plan for DPT Goa. I have been a regular to DPT and will be playing the High Roller and Main Event. For me, it’s more like a vacation and a break from the online poker and the best part is that you get a chance to meet and interact with all your poker friends.

Q-Any advice for the players looking forward to making a mark in DPT February 2018?

Manoj: DPT is the best experience you can get in India in terms of live tournaments. Just watch out for me at the tables. Don’t go nuts against me because I always have the nuts. Hahaha … good luck!

Thanks for your time and good luck for the Go Crazy Tourneys and DPT in Goa this month!

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