Meet Deepak Bothra Who Won His First Go Crazy Event This Week

This week in Go Crazy Tourneys on saw The Roar tourney, which concluded on the Monday night of this week and found a champion in none other than the well-known Deepak Bothra aka ‘bothras’ who went on to outlast a strong field of 158 entries. In the heads-up battle, he beat Sumit ‘sumit4game’ Saurav to win his first Go Crazy event. Bothra is off to a great start in 2018 and has been enjoying a good run. He has already made 3 final table finishes in Go Crazy Tourneys.godfather

We caught up with the young gun- Deepak Bothra from Pune and here is what he had to say:

Q- Hi Bothra, a big congratulation on the win! Please tell us a little about your run in 2018.

Bothra – 2017 was really good for me, much better than 2016. I am a far better player than I was in the last year. 2018 has started like dream year for me. I am enjoying a good run at the virtual felts. I am working a lot on my game and definitely, I will be a far better player by the end of the year.

Q- How does it feel to win your first title in Go Crazy Tourneys on

Bothra – I already made 3 Final Table Finishes in Go Crazy Tourneys. I finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. I desperately wanted to win a title and now it feels great after shipping the first one.

Q- How tough was the field in The Roar? How was your experience in the tournament?

Bothra – Shravan Chhabria was the toughest player at the final table of The Roar. Once he got out, I was a kind of confident to take it down. Really, I enjoyed the grind and the experience was amazing.

Q- Any special moment/hand from this tourney?

Bothra – At the final table, I became a short-stack, but then I won a big pot with AJ > 89 and never looked back after that hand.

 Q- Do you plan to play more tournaments in Go Crazy Promotion?

Bothra – Yes, I am aiming at the Crazy Leaderboard. It has very strong players in top 10 and I am working hard and enjoying to compete with the best in the game.

Q- Any words of advice for the youngsters and upcoming poker players?

Bothra – Just keep working on your game. Start small and dream big. Good luck!

 Thanks for your time and good luck for the Go Crazy Tourneys and DPT February 2018 edition!