In Conversation With The Last Week’s Godfather – Tarun ‘aggtarun’ Goyal

The last week of the Go Crazy Tourneys on brought up a big opportunity for poker players to rise and shine in the high-value online tournament of the week- 20 Lac GTD Godfather, which attracted a 360- entry field. Outlasting this strong field time was none other than the well-known online grinder- Tarun ‘aggtarun’ Goyal, who won INR 5,20,000 for his first-place finish after beating ‘sagarpupul’ in heads-up. The runner-up ‘sagarpupul’ banked INR 3,30,000 for efforts.godfather

Tarun Goyal has earned a big name by playing online poker. 2017 was a great year for him as he won several tournaments and finally went on to take down the coveted Adda52 POY title 2017. He was an IT professional working in Bangalore who has become a professional poker player. He first shot into fame when he won 10K DPT Event in 2016 and was signed by Adda52 as its team pro.

We caught up with Tarun Goyal to talk about his run in 2018, his victory and of course his overall experience in Godfather and Go Crazy tourneys. Here is what he had to say:

 Q – Hi Tarun, a big congratulation on the win! Please tell us a little about your run in 2018.

Tarun – Thanks a lot. 2018 run has been a bit horrible so far, so would work hard to turn the tables in the remaining months.

Q – After winning the coveted Adda52 POY title in 2017, how does it feel to start 2018 by winning Godfather title in Go Crazy Tourneys?

 Tarun– It feels nice to beat such a competitive field of players in Godfather. Winning ‘Player of the Year 2017’ was as rewarding as this one. For the POY title, I played consistently every single day and had a target set in my mind. I did well collectively in almost all POY tourneys and that helped a lot.

Q – How tough was the field? How was your experience in the tournament?

 Tarun – As I said, the field was very competitive. However, my experience helped a bit to get to that 1st place finish.

Q – Any special moment/hand from this tourney?

Tarun – I don’t remember any particular hand, but when the last 20 players were remaining in the field, I got a setup QQ vs AA all-in pre-flop. I won that hand and never looked back from there on.

Q – Your thoughts on Go Crazy Tourneys running on

Tarun – As always, is the best place in terms of promotions. This Go Crazy promo is going crazy and I am enjoying all the tourneys in it.

Q – Which one you do you prefer the most- online or live poker?

Tarun – For me, it is online poker. The reason being, I can put a lot of volume. Unlike live events, I can also hide my emotions behind the screen.

Q – How much time do you devote to online poker? Does your strategy differ much from live games?

Tarun – I put around 5-6 hours on an average daily. Strategy-wise, it is almost the same, but I just play a bit hyper-aggressive online as that suits my style a lot.

Q – Apart from poker, what card games do you love to play?

Tarun – Yeah, I play Rummy sometimes for a change.

Q – Do you feel poker has the potential to make it as a sport in India? How do you see India’s poker industry in 2018?

Tarun – Yes. Poker is 100% going to make it as a sport in India. And it has already started doing so. With WPT coming to India and various poker leagues getting started, poker is gonna be a big thing in India in 2018 and in the coming years as well. Also, players are becoming sporty in their mindset and their approach to playing the game. So, good things are happening in India’s poker industry.

Q – Finally, any words of advice for the youngsters and upcoming poker players?

 Tarun -Yes. My advice to the young players would be to work hard on the game, study the game and keep proper bankroll management to move up stakes strategically.

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