Shravan Chhabria Tops Adda52 Crazy Leaderboard I Winning INR 7.5 Lac. 20 Lac Leaderboard II Starts Tonight!

The January month of the Go Crazy Promotion ended on a high note with 21 tournaments coming to conclusion and players shipping big titles along with the huge prizes. Thursday night saw Godfather -the last tournament of the Crazy Leaderboard I wherein it was Sanjay Khanna aka ‘sanjaykotak75’, who won the coveted title for INR 5,20,000 in the top prize after beating Shravan Chhabria aka ‘sweatmyass13’, who finished 2nd in this event but topped Adda52’s Crazy Leaderboard I.880x150_OPN (2)

The Crazy Leaderboard I was a month-long race with INR 15 Lac prize pool and DPT Main Event tickets for the top 10 players. Running from 11th January to 1st February, it saw several renowned players battling it hard to come on top, but in the end it was the Mumbai-based player- Shravan Chhabria aka ‘sweatmyass13’, who topped the leaderboard and bagged INR 7.5 Lac payday.

Commenting on his win, the Rajasthan Tilters mentor- Shravan Chhabria said, “ It was an amazing experience, and the competition was tough, and it went down to the last tournament. A big shout-out to Deepak Bothra, Tarun Goyal, Akshay Nasa and Abhishek Garg!. Go Crazy Promotion is truly crazy and obviously a great opportunity for the poker players to build their bankrolls”.

Shravan who took up poker as a career in 2014 got a great start to January 2018. Even though he could not win a title, he enjoyed a crazy run throughout the month. He made 6 final-table finishes along with the two runner-up finishes in Godfather and 27 ITM places. Shravan was not on the top in the 1st week, but he took the lead in the 2nd week and continued his domination from there on.

For Shravan, it was not an easy road as the leaderboard had strong players who have earned a name for themselves both at the online and live felts. He faced a tough competition especially from Tarun Goyal who legged just 4-5 points behind him. Tarun put his heart and soul and went on to make several final-table finishes. He also won the last week’s Godfather, which gave him enough points to climb the leaderboard. Unfortunately, he ended finishing a runner-up for INR 2 Lac and a DPT Main Event ticket.

Another player, who fought hard on the leaderboard was Deepak Bothra. He enjoyed a good run, securing one win and making several final table finishes in Go Crazy Tourneys. Although he seemed a strong contender for the title at a time, he eventually ended up finishing in the 3rd place on the leaderboard and bagged INR 1,20,000 and a DPT Main Event ticket in prizes. India’s emerging poker player- Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’ deserves accolades. Although he could not win a title, he made several final-table finishes along with a couple of runner-up positions, which helped him to score many points and finish 4th on the leaderboard. He bagged INR 1 Lac along with a DPT Main Event ticket. Akshay now aims at the Crazy Leaderboard II and expects to grind it to the top position.

The upcoming poker player- Abhishek Garg, who plays under ‘ thegrinder’ was a superb performer with several final-table finishes and deep runs. He finished 5th on the leaderboard for INR 80K. Among other players who impressed included Sagar Choudhary (6th place), Goonjan Mall (7th place), Ragesh Mishra (8th place), ‘thatsmymoney’ (9th place) and the well-known ‘King0fMerge’. Here is a quick look at the top 10 on the January 2018 Cray Leaderboard:GoCrazy_LDB_Winners