Arseniy Karmatskiy Takes Down 2018 European Poker Tour Sochi Main Event

The European Poker Tour (EPT) Sochi Main Event 2018 is in the books, but the excitement still continues around Arseniy Karmatskiy, who won it for 27,300,000₽ ($464,100 USD). The victory for Karmatskiy was not easy, as he had to defeat a strong 861- entry field.  Interestingly, this win was the biggest score of his career and it took his live tournament earnings to an impressive $786,447.

On the final day of the event, Karmatskiy resumed the action as the chip leader. Soon, he went on to further extend his lead by eliminating 3 key players – Andrey Kaygorodsev (7th – $62,019 USD), Sergey Kerzhakov (6th – $88,230 USD) and Mikhail Kovalyuk (5th – $117,696 USD).

Karmatskiys biggest opponent at the final table of the EPT Main Event 2018 was Viktor Shegai, who went on to win a huge pot and took the lead from Karmatskiy. A little later, Karmatskiy came back strongly and won big preflop with his pocket Jacks against Shegai’s A-K.

Karmatskiy continued his aggression at the final table and very soon went on to knock-out 2 more well-known players – Vahe Martiroysyan and Ernest Shakarian in the 4th and 3rd places.

Later, Karmatskiy began the heads-up play against Shegai with a 4-to-1 chip advantage. While Shegai gave a good fight, he couldn’t go all the way. On the last hand of the dual, Shegai moved all-in with Jc-8c against Karmatskiy’s Qs-10c. The board ran out 10c-7d-6d-7s-6h, giving the coveted title to Karmatskiy. Shegai finished runner-up for an impressive $281,520 USD in the prizemoney.

A Quick Look At The Final Table Payouts:

Place Player Earnings (USD)
1 Arseniy Karmatskiy $464,100
2 Viktor Shegai $281,520
3 Ernest Shakarian $198,696
4 Vahe Martiroysyan $149,022
5 Mikhail Kovalyuk $117,696
6 Sergey Kerzhakov $88,230
7 Andrey Kaygorodsev $62,019
8 Mikhail Plakkhin $43,860
9 Dmitriy Zhukov $34,680

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