Canadian Pro Sam Greenwood Wins WPT Amsterdam High Roller For €125,785

The €10,300 High Roller played out recently came out to be the most expensive event of the WPT Amsterdam. Canadian poker pro – Sam Greenwood emerged the winner in the tournament and pocketed an impressive €125,785 in top prize money. Interestingly, Greenwood has been enjoying a crazy run. This was Greenwood’s second win this month, as he also took down the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona just two weeks ago, winning the top prize of around €1M.

Final Table Recap

Greenwood defeated a tough final table that included the likes of Rainer Kempe, Thomas Thomas Mühlöcker, and Ryan Riess. Starting as the chip leader on the final day, Greenwood had an edge over his opponents.  He ran well on the final table and went on to win a couple of big pots. After Will Givens went out in third place, it was heads-up between Greenwood and Tjauw Foe

The one-hour heads-up battle was a tough one, where both the equally strong competitors tried hard to prove their mettle. However, Greenwood had a way too high chip lead to take the advantage.

The final hand saw both Tjauw Foe and Greenwood checking the flop ran 7h-7c-3c to see the turn Jd where both players checked once again to see the river 8h. Greenwood then fired out with 50,000 and Tjauw Foe raised to 100,000. Greenwood eventually went all-in and Tjauw Foe called with 9h-7s. Although Foe’s hit a straight, it was no good against Greenwood’s 7d-3s for a Full House.

Final Table Payouts (Euro):

1. Sam Greenwood – €125,785

2. Clyde Tjauw Foe – €71,875

3. Will Givens – €44,025

4. Zhong Chen – €31,445

5. Rainer Kempe – €24,260

6. Thomas Mühlöcker – €18,870

7. Ryan Riess – €16,170

8. Wim Emo –  €14,375

9. Raoul Refos – €12,580