Chen An Lin Wins 2018 Macau Millions Main Event; Aditya Sushant Finishes 5th For HK$276,000

The Taiwanese pro – Chen An Lin had a lot to celebrate yesterday, as he overcame a record-breaking 2,499 entry-field of the Macau Millions Main Event to win his first major title. He won his career’s largest payout of HK$1,159,000 (~US$147,700) along with a $30,000 PSPC Platinum Pass.

“I think the trophy means more to me than the Platinum Pass, just because this is the first Main Event title I’ve ever won, I’ve bubbled three main event final tables so this is a special moment for me.”

It took Lin a little over 4 hours to win his first-ever Macau Millions Main Event title on Monday. He entered the final table as the most experienced player, boasting over $800,000 in live earnings. The first two eliminations from the final table came in the form of Wei Lin and Guigen Xiao, who exited early on the final day. Fangjie Chen followed them to the rail shortly, leaving five players in the field.

During the five-handed play, Lin delivered a double knockout out with his pocket Jacks, which held up against Aditya Sushant’s two pairs and Max Menzel’s straight. Very soon, Lin went on to eliminate Zhouchang Xu in third place and took the lead going into heads-up against Chen An Lin.

Although Lin was ahead, Huang wrestled hard and took the lead at a point. An hour later, it was all over and Lin was able to ward off Huang and capture the coveted title. The last hand saw Lin holding Qc-Jc and Huang holding Ad-10c. The board ran 2h-Jd-8c-10h-6s where Lin won the title.

Final Table Payouts(HK$):

 1st Chen An Lin – Taiwan – HK$1,159,000

2nd Xujun Huang – China – HK$683,000

3rd Zhouchang Xu – China – HK$480,581

4th Max Menzel – Germany – HK$360,000

5th Aditya Sushant – India – HK$276,000

6th Fangjie Chen – China – HK$204,000

7th Guigen Xiao – China – HK$155,000

8th Wei Lin – China – HK$111,000