‘Katproxy’ Ships The Juice; ‘Doravad’ Wins Adda52 Millions For INR 7,68,000

The craziness continues on India’s largest poker site – Adda52.com. Yesterday, the poker site hosted its inaugural – The Juice with INR 10 Lac GTD prizepool at just INR 999 buy-in. The one of its kind event, which began at 5 PM, went on to make a grand debut, attracting a total of 1190 entries and generating a massive prizepool of INR 10,81,712, which was shared by the top129 players.

Outlasting the massive field in this inaugural edition was Rohan ‘Katproxy’ Kataki, who won the event for an impressive INR 2,62,423 in the top prizemoney. He reached the heads-up battle with Chennai’s Pavan Gundesha aka ‘PavanJainChennai’. While the latter fought it well, he could not go all the way and ended his run finishing 2nd in this event for a cool INR 1,42,569 for his efforts.

It was not an easy win for ‘Katproxy’ as the final table was very tough and included the likes of Amit Sur aka ‘amitshur2984’, Anik Ajmera aka ‘slotmachine’ and Guruprasad Gupta aka ‘guruprasad_gupta’ to name a few. However, he won a couple of big pots and eventually went on to win ‘The Juice’ tourney in the end. The last hand of the tournament saw ‘PavanJainChennai’ holding Ad- Ah and ‘Katproxy’ having Qs-Qh. With a Queen falling on the board, ‘Katproxy’ won the event.

Nagendra Vadlamani Aka ‘Doravad’ Wins Adda52 Millions For INR 7,68,000

The biggest tournament of the Sunday night on Adda52.com was the 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions at 8 PM with INR 7.5 Lac for the 1st place finisher. The event went on to become a grand success, attracting a total of 256 entries and taking the prizepool to a whopping INR 25,60,000.

Outlasting the strong field in this event was Nagendra Vadlamani aka ‘Doravad’, who defeated a tough final table, which included Deepak Raina aka ‘orionn7’, Siddarth Singhvi ‘badtameez_donk’, Rajat Sharma aka ‘Oshoswami’ and Bharat Kumar aka ‘hzgod’. The last hand of the event came with the blinds running 45,000 – 90,000 where ‘Doravad’ had 5c- Qs and his heads-up mate ‘orionn7’ held 2h-Qc. The board ran Qh-5h-7h-6d-2d where ‘Doravad’ took down the event with two pairs.

Adda52 Millions Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 Doravad 768000
2 orionn7 409600
3 badtameez_donk 307200
4 MegaFish1 230400
5 Oshoswami 185600
6 hzgod 140800