A Quick Look At Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July 2018 Winners

 The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) July edition kicked off in a thundering fashion with its opening event – 15K Deep Dive NLH registering 326 entries and then Main Event going to break all previous records with 457 entries. Just as its predecessor, the series running at India’s luxurious casino – Deltin Royale from 26th to 29th July attracted mixed fields with the past champions, pros, regulars and amateurs who battled it out across 4 exciting poker tournaments running over 5 days. Attracting more than 1100 entries in total, it was one of the most successful festivals in the DPT history.

The biggest highlight was the 35K Main Event, which guaranteed a whopping INR 1 Crore GTD and found a champion in a relatively lesser-known player Awnish Singh who took home INR 35.04 Lac to become the biggest winner at the DPT July 2018 edition, followed by Eka Vedantham who emerged the second biggest winner after taking down the 65K High Roller title for INR 27.15 Lac.

While both Singh and Vedantham emerged the biggest winners, there were several other players who won impressive prizes, including Jasven Saigal who won the opening event – 15K Deep Dive NLH for INR 10.77 Lac and final-tabled the 65K High Roller winning INR 3.19 Lac. One more name worth mention is Abhishek Tibrewal who won the final event – 15K NLH Bounty for INR 3.48 Lac.

DPT Main Event Winner- Awnish Singh Won INR 35.04 Lac 

The biggest prize pool event of the DPT July 2018 edition was the INR 1 Crore GTD Main Event, which drew a record-field with a total of 457 entries and took the total prize pool to INR 1,59,95,000. Top 49 places were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 70K. The lion’s share INR 35.04 Lac went to the champion- Awnish Singh. A relatively lesser-known name in the Indian poker circuit, Singh was up against some well-known Sailesh Lohia and Bhuvan Bansal on the final table. Even though Singh started the final table fourth in chips with a stack of 905,000, he made his way to the top by beating Vidur Singhal in heads-up. Singhal ended up as runner-up for an impressive INR 22,74,000.

Singh started heads-up trailing Singhal but went on to notch up some double ups and take the lead from his opponent to eventually take down the Main Event title along with the top prize and beautiful DPT trophy. It was the first tournament win for Singh and he felt very excited about it saying, “It’s my first tournament win, it’s really good and I ran super lucky. He should have won but I was very lucky.”

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Awnish Singh – INR 35,04,000
  1. Vidur Singhal – INR 22,74,000
  1. Bhuvan Bansal – INR 14,60,000
  1. Sailesh Lohia – INR 11,28,000
  1. Ankur Sehgal – INR 8,66,000
  1. Rugal Advani – INR 6,88,000
  1. Gautam Raju – INR 5,46,000
  1. Mukunda Dasharathy – INR 4,31,000
  1. Raunak Modi – INR 3,45,000

DPT 65K High Roller Winner – Eka Vedantham Won INR 27.15 Lac

Eka Vedantham emerged the second biggest winner at the DPT July 2018 edition. He won the 65K High Roller title for INR 27.15 Lac after defeating the defending 65K High Roller champion Alok Birewar in heads-up. It was not an easy win for Eka as he had to battle it hard with India’s topmost pros to beat 166 entries in this tournament. He faced a tough competition at the final table from pros, including one of the most consistent domestic tournament players Jasven Saigal who won the first tournament of the series – 15K Deep Dive NLH for INR 10.77 Lac. Saigal was yet again in the race for the title, but he could not go all the way and exited in ninth place for INR 3.19 Lac.

For Vedantham, who is also a member of Poker Sports League (PSL) team Gujarat Falcons, it was a big series as he finished runner-up in 15K Deep Dive and won this high roller for his best live cash.

Eka Vedantahm from Bangalore is a well-known domestic tournament player. He has already cashed out in several DPT events. His previous best cash came from the DPT July 2017 Main Event where he finished in the 5th place and took home INR 7,27,700 for his efforts.

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Eka Vedantham – INR 27,15,000
  1. Alok Birwar – INR 18,70,000
  1. Ashish Kaushik – INR 11,10,000
  1. Vishrut Jain – INR 8,51,000
  1. Tarang Patel – INR 6,40,000
  1. Amrita Sethi – INR 5,32,000
  1. Jugal Advani – INR 4,25,000
  1. Niwesh Sharma – INR 3,72,000
  1. Jasven Saigal – INR 3,19,000


DPT 15K Deep Dive NLH Winner – Jasven Saigal Won INR 10.77 Lac

The DPT July 2018 kicked with 15K Deep Dive NLH on 25th July, which went on to become a grand success attracting a total of 326 entries. Outlasting the field in this event was none other than the well-known pro Jasven Saigal who defeated the latest 65K High Roller Champion Eka Vedantham in heads-up taking home INR 10.77 Lac for his grand win, which was a kind of redemption for Jasven after having a rough summer in Las Vegas at the recently-concluded World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Jasven is a well-known pro from Mumbai who travels to various parts of the world to play live poker. A Goa circuit tournament regular, he has been playing poker for more than 8 years now. He has run deep and cashed out big across several prestigious events, including WSOP, WPT, APT, DPT, etc. He won his first international title in 2013 when he won $ 250 + 20 No Limit Hold’em – 6 Handed Event at APT Philippines. A DPT regular, he has won several DPT tournaments, including DPT Kickoff in February 2017, DPT PLO Event in July 2017 and now 15K Deep Dive NLH event at the DPT July 2108.

He got his best live cash back in January 2012 at India Poker Legend Main Event where he finished 2nd for $17,223 ( approximately INR 11,82,935). Now, this win is by far the second-best score of his career.

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Jasven Saigal – INR 10,77,000
  1. Eka Vedantham – INR 7,14,000
  1. Gaurav Law – INR 4,56,000
  1. Shashank Mengade – INR 3,50,000
  1. Adithiyya Sb – INR 2,80,000
  1. Sachin Kinger – INR 2,25,000
  1. Som Shekhar – INR 1,78,000
  1. Shashank Desai – INR 1,38,000
  1. Raj Ramakrishnan – INR 1,08,000

DPT 15K NLH Bounty Winner – Abhishek Tibrewal Won INR 3.48 Lac

The final event of the DPT) July 2018 edition was the 15K NLH Bounty on 29th July and it was running alongside Day 2 of the INR 35K Main Event. This was a 9-Max fast-paced event, which drew a total of 184 entries and eventually found a winner in Abhishek Tibrewal, who defeated Dishant Soni in heads-up to take home the first-place prize INR 3.48 Lac along with the beautiful DPT trophy.

Tibrewal, who was part of the Poker Sports League (PSL) Team Rajasthan Tilters in 2017, played a role of an eliminator at the final table. He knocked out Kiran Nair, Vikas Kumar and the runner-up Dishant Soni to take down the event and the top prize along with the lovely DPT trophy.

A total of 18 places were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 17,078, with INR 3,48,381 reserved for the winner. Many notables were seen in action and some of them made money in this event, including Zarvan Tumboli (11th for INR 23,909), Vinod Megalmani (12th for INR 23,909), Gaurav Kalra (14th for INR 20,493), Shashank Jain (15th for INR 20,493), Amit Kumar Singh (16th for INR 17,078), Vijay Aditay (17th for INR 17,078) and Rajesh Goel (18th for INR 17,078).

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Abhishek Tibrewal – INR 3,48,381
  1. Dishant Soni – INR 2,32,254
  1. Vikas Kumar – INR 1,50,282
  1. Abhishek Goyal – INR 1,16,127
  1. Srinivas Balasubramanian – INR 95,634
  1. Kiran Nair – INR 78,557
  1. Sandeep Thakral – INR 64,895
  1. Rajesh Rajpopat – INR 51,233
  1. Rajesh Patel – INR 37,571