Ishan ‘nerdguy’ Chutani Beats A Record Field To Win Godfather 4.0 For INR 6.12 Lac

Yesterday being a Thursday night, it was time for the 20 Lac GTD Godfather 4.0, an INR 5500 buy-in event on India’s largest poker site – The prestigious event that featured an entry Ticket to 10 Lac Europe SNG along with 50% TDS refund for all ITMs went on to become a grand success attracting a record field with 490 entries and taking the prize pool to a whopping INR 24, 50,000.

As usual, the tournament kicked off at 8 PM and around 8 hours later, a winner was crowned in Ishan Chutani aka ‘nerdguy’, who outlasted a record field of 490 entries to ship the flagship tournament for a handsome prize of INR 6,12,500, which must be a nice boost to his online poker bankroll. A total of top 36 players were paid out in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 11,025.


Ishan Chutani, the younger brother of the well-known player Sahil Chutani, faced Arjun Agarwal aka ‘arjunagrawal05’ in the heads-up battle. Both players battled it hard chipping up and down. Finally, it was Chutani who emerged the winner in this dual. The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 40k-80k where the eventual winner ‘nerdguy’ raised with 9c- As and ‘arjunagrawal05’ holding 4s-3d moved all-in for 11,33,213. The action folded back to ‘nerdguy’ who called all-in. The board ran 7d- 8s-Kc-2s-Kd and ‘nerdguy’ took down the pot with one pair. The player  ‘arjunagrawal05’ settled for an impressive INR 3,92,000 for his runner-up finish.

We caught up with the winner Ishan Chutani via an online chat and this is what he had to say: “It was a competitive field. I feel really good to notch up my first win on”

It was a tough win for Chutani as he had to battle it with some well-known pros and regulars, including zxcvuiop, phanthom, bluffme19, Oshoswami, Zonas, narcoss, aggtarun, VnutsG, King0fMerge, thekinganuj, spark123, bhola, Pegasus1505, Hammer_Head, buntai, jinx, amitshur2984, vinayb, arjan30, gmtesting, sagarpupul, kvohra, Peacelover, TEAMfromHELL, etc.

During the ITM stage, he had to battle it out with the even tougher players, including dembla, IMUNAGI, ImHighIshove, Bhaijiii, thegrinder, KunalPatni, cheapthrills83, MegaFish1, and vibaks, who is in amazing form and has already won the two Crazy Leaderboards back-to-back. Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’ first won the Crazy Leaderboard – VI in June, and just a few days ago, he has won the Crazy Leaderbord – VII. We congratulate both the Godfather winner Chutani and Nasa!

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 nerdguy 612500
2 arjunagrawal05 392000
3 darkfish15 294000
4 SS210 226625
5 amarjeet1989 171500
6 fearshah 122500
7 vibaks (FT Bubble) 79625