‘Switching from 1-month to 10-day concept has been a blessing: Ace Race II Winner, Goonjan Mall

Adda52.com continues to excite poker players with its amazing leaderboard promos. Recently, the poker site introduced Ace Race, a leaderboard based on a new concept with a total giveaway of INR 15 Lac. The leaderboard was divided into 3 parts, Ace Race I, Ace Race II and Ace Race III, each giving away INR 5 Lac to the top 9 players with INR 2 Lac for 1st place.
Each leaderboard in Ace Race was set to run over 10 days, with the first one running between 1-10 August, the second one running between 11-20 August and the third leaderboard running between 21-31 August. The featured tourneys on each leaderboard included The Roar, Judwaa, Godfather, Whale, Hitman, Beast, Adda52 Millions, Sunday Suits, and Sunday AF tournaments.
The Ace Race I that ran between 1-10 August found a winner in Rajesh Garg aka Narsimha3. The Ace Race Leaderboard II concluded just this week and topping it was the well-known online player – Goonjan Mall aka ‘gmtesting’ followed by Abhishek Garg aka ‘thegrinder’ and Naren Purohit aka ‘IMUNAGI’ finishing in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Goonjan took home the top prize of INR 2 Lac, while Abhishek and Naren won INR 1 Lac & INR 68K in prizes.
Interestingly, The Ace Race I winner – Rajesh Garg continued his good run and fought it well this time as well. He ended up finishing 5th on the leaderboard taking home INR 30K.
This was the first time that Goonjan topped a leaderbaord on adda52.com. His journey has been just amazing. The player enjoyed a crazy run and managed to make 5 final table finishes, which helped him to overcome a tough competition especially from Abhishek Garg and Naren Purohit and eventually make it to the 1st place on Adda52’s Ace Race II leaderboard.
OPN caught up with Goonjan via an online chat to know about his Ace Race II win, his journey and his plans for the ongoing Ace Race leaderboard. Here are the excerpts:
OPN: How does it feel to win Ace Race II Leaderboard on Adda52?
Goonjan: Feels good. It was a great experience. In fact, this is the first time I’m first on any leaderboard. Switching from 1-month to 10-day concept has been a blessing for me.
OPN: Please share your journey of winning Ace Race II?
Goonjan: I played 9/10 days and managed FT in 4-5 tournaments. By Friday, I realized I had a shot of winning. Reaching Final Table of Sunday Suits sealed the deal for me.
OPN: Who do you think were your toughest competitors on the leaderboard?
Goonjan: I didn’t specifically play for the leadearboard. However, thegrinder and IMUNAGI were right up there – and it was anybody’s leaderboard till the 9th day i.e. Sunday.
OPN: After this win, what are your plans for Ace Race III on Adda52?
Goonjan: I’m a recreational player. Will play if possible and will definitely grind in case I manage to the final table in a tourney or two in the first 4-5 days.
OPN: Finally, your take on online poker tournaments running on Adda52?
Goonjan: I just love Adda52 tourneys, as they provide high value. It sucks to pay TDS but Adda52 makes up for it by amazing leaderboard promos like the Ace Race. I’ll continue recommending Adda52 to all newcomers looking out for high-value tourneys.
Here is a quick look at the top 9 finishers on the Ace Race II Leaderboard:
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