Team India Enters Day 3 of WPT Global Teams Event

The WPT Global Teams Event that started on 19th September has now moved into its final phase. The event running at Paradise City Hotel & Casino in Korea will conclude today, 21st September. It has a total of 14 teams from various nations pitting against each other. Team India is also one of the participating teams and they have done really well progressing into Day 3 of the teams event.

As reported yesterday, Team India featuring Nikita Luther, Kunal Patni, Amit Jain and Dhaval Mudgal did very well on Day 1of the tournament finishing in 8th place among the 14 teams. They  took part in various tournaments over the last 2 days and have now moved into Day 3 of the event.

While Team USA and Team Australia exited the event on Day 2, Team India narrowly missed finishing 11th among the final 12 teams moving into Day 3. Team Norway ended the day at the bottom with 141 points. It was a big day for Team China as they finished in lead among the final 12 teams. Team Hong Kong and Team UK finished 2nd and 3rd in the race with 190 and 180 points.

Unfortunately for Team New Zealand, who were on top in the race on Day 1, they fell down to 8th position on Day 2 of the event. Team Taiwan, who finished 4th yesterday, fell to 6th position.

Today is the final day of WPT Global Teams Event and Team India will be looking to change the gear and move up in the race. Just two more tournaments ( 9-max Turbo NLH and Tag Team Final NLH) to go. Three more teams will be eliminated from the race today. We hope Team India does well on Day 3 and play the coveted final event – Tag Team NLH, which is a 4-player tag-team tournament.1537507641_Nikita Team India

The final nine teams will be playing the final tournament with starting chips based on their accumulated points, while the top three teams at the end of the day will win the prizes:

1st place – KRW 27,475,000 (~$ 24,500)

2nd place – KRW 16,485,000 (~$ 14,700)

3rd place – KRW 10,990,000 (~$ 9,800)

 Current Points:

  1. Team China – 190 points
  2. Team Hong Kong SAR – 180 points
  3. Team UK – 170 points
  4. Team Singapore – 169 points
  5. Team Japan – 165.5 points
  6. Team Taiwan SAR – 165 points
  7. Team Netherlands – 158.5 points
  8. Team New Zealand – 152 points
  9. Team Malaysia – 151.5 points
  10. Team Korea – 148 points
  11. Team India – 144 points
  12. Team Norway – 141 points