Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament: Ashish Munot Wins 15K Kickoff (Bounty) For INR 2.25 Lac

The third edition of Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament (BLT3) series is off to a good start at Pride Casino in Goa. The 5-day series opened with 15K Bounty, which drew 65 entries that created a prize pool of INR 6,50,000. Top 7 places were paid out in this event and the biggest chunk of the prizepool went to the eventual winner – Ashish Munot, who walked away with the top prize of INR 2,25,000.

Surprisingly, the first elimination from the final table came in the chip leader Navin Kumar whose pocket queens lost to Jaydeep Dawer’s pocket tens. Dawer hit fullhouse to bust Navin in 7th place.

The next to follow was Chennai’s top pro Aditya Sushant whose pocket eights were beaten by Anant Malik‘s pair of kings. Going out in 5th place was Myron Pereira. He had shoved all-in thrice in the span of just few hands. Ultimately, he was called by Gaurav Kalra who had pocket tens against Pereira’s king-jack. The board missed both players and Kalra’s pocket tens held up to give him a double-up. A few hands later, Pereira once again clashed with Kalra and lost the pot to finish 5th.

Following Pereira was Jaydeep Dawer who moved all-in with Kc Jh and was called by the eventual winner Munot with pocket rockets. With no help from the board, Dawer exited in the 4th place. Up next, Munot moved all-in with Qh 8h and the short-stack Anant Malik called with Ace-King. The flop opened with three hearts, giving a queen-high flush to Munot to bust Aanant in the 3rd place.


Ashish Munot began the heads-up battle as the massive chip leader over Gaurav Kalra. Both players kept chipping up and down until the final hand came where both players shoved pre-flop. While Kalra had Jd 4s, Munot held 8c 8h. The board ran out 9c 6s 2d 3c Qd to give Munot the pot and title. While Munot earned the top prize of INR 2,25,000, Kalra settled for INR 1,50,000.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

  1. Ashish Munot – 2,25,000
  2. Gaurav Kalra – 1,50,000
  3. Anant Malik – 1,00,000
  4. Jaydeep Dawer – 70,000
  5. Myron Pereira – 45,000
  6. Aditya Sushant – 35,000
  7. Naveen Kumar – 25,000

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