Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament: Jayjit Ray Wins 75K High Roller Title For INR 9 Lac

The 75K High Roller 6-Max event, the biggest buy-in event of Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament (BLT3) series, is in the books. The event drew a total of 25 entries and outlasting them all was Kolkata-based Jayjit Ray, who earned his maiden live title along with the top prize of INR 9 Lac.

A rising talent of poker-staking stable AceJack, Ray had notched his first live score in the ₱27,500 No Limit Hold’em – Main Event at the APL Road Series, Angeles City, where he finished 27th for ₱52,200 (INR 71,375). This win was the biggest live score for Jayjit and the player must be very happy about it.

The 75K High Roller 6-Max event saw many poker heavyweights in action including the likes of Bibek Karki, Baadshah Gaming co-founder – Madhav Gupta, Rajeev Raut, Arjanveer Chadha, WSOP gold bracelet winner – Aditya Sushant, 15K Bounty winner Ashish Munot, Kartik Ved, Meherzad Munsaf, Vikram Kumar, and India’s ace player – Aditya ‘intervention’ Agarwal.

Maddy Gupta enjoyed a good run and won consecutive pots against Rajeev Raut. He even sent WSOP bracelet winner Sushant to the rail, but narrowly missed the final table finishing 9th. Indian poker star Aditya Agarwal who joined in late after level 7 could not last long. By level 12, he lost a big pot to Raut. Soon after, the player rammed his pocket kings into Chadha’s tens. The latter clipped a 10 on the flop to eliminate Agarwal. However, Agarwal re-entered the event but could not go all the way and eventually finished in 8th place, leaving the remaining 7 players to play final table.

Final Table Action

The final table was set with Arjanveer Chadha (186,700) in lead. Following him in chips was Rajeev Kanjani (183,300). The eventual winner Jayjit Ray (170,900) was third in chips. Consistent crusaders were Jaydeep Dawer and Ashish Munot as both of them made back-to-back final tables at the series. While Munot had won the INR 15K Bounty, Dawer had finished 4th in the event.

Gunning for his second title at the series, the short-stack Ashish Munot was the first player to go out. His Qs Js gave him flush but Jayjit Ray holding 3h 9h rivered a fullhouse to bust Munot in 7th place. Following him was Sahil Mahboobani whose Qs 5s lost against Kartik Ved’s pocket Jacks. Kartik got a fullhouse to eliminate Mahboobani in 6th place. A few hands later, Ved went on to eliminate Jaydeep Dawer whose pocket Aces lost to Ved’s Kd Jd. Ved got two pairs to bust Dawer.

Going out in 4th place was the final table chip leader – Arjanveer Singh Chadha. Chadha shoved with king-jack and Kanjani called with pocket tens. With a Ten on the flop and another Ten on the turn brought quads for Kanjani, and Chadha was eliminated as the bubble boy in the event.

Down to three-handed play, Karti Ved jammed with pocket fives and was called by Ray with Ac Qc. While Ved hit a set but Ray took down the pot with a rivered flush to knock out Ved in 3rd place.

After Ved going out in 3rd place, it set up heads-up between Rajeev Kanjani and Jayjit Ray. On the final hand, Kanjani moved all-in and Ray called. Kanjani tabled As 3h and Ray had Ac 9d. With an Ace falling on the board, both players made a pair of Aces but Ray won the title with a better kicker.

Final Table Results (INR):

1. Jayjit Ray – INR 9,00,000

2. Rajeev Kanjani – INR 6,00,000

3. Kartik Ved – INR 3,75,000