‘thealienist’ Outlasts 457 Entries To Win Godfather 6.0 For INR 5,59,825

Yesterday, Adda52 hosted its popular weekly online tourney – Godfather 6.0, which currently guarantees 20 Lac GTD prizepoool for a buy-in of INR 5,500 and promises the winner a ticket to 7 Lac Aussie SNG. The event went on to become a grand success yet again, attracting 457 entries, which easily crushed the specified guarantee and took the total prizepool to a whopping INR 22,85,000.

Outlasting the field this time was ‘thealienist’. He beat a strong field and Manish Lakhotia aka ‘newkidpoker’ in heads-up to earn INR 5,59,825. Lakhotia settled for INR 3,31,325 for his efforts. It was the biggest online score for ‘thealienist’ who started playing on adda52.com just recently.

On his way to the victory, ‘thealienist’ beat a tough final table that featured Mr. Consistent Jasven Saigal aka ‘bajateraho’ (5th for INR 1,14,250), the last week’s Adda52 Millions winner Shravan Chhabria aka ‘sweatmyass13’ (6th for INR 79,975), and Nishant Sharma aka ‘DoJingBULLETS’ (7th for INR 62,838). Avadh Shah aka ‘cateyes’ exited the tournament as the FT Bubble for INR 28,563.

Top 49 finishers were paid out with min-cashes starting from INR 12,568. The lion’s share went to ‘thealienist’, who won INR 5,59,825 and a ticket to 7 Lac Aussie SNG for his victory. The SNG will be played on 30th December among the 9 Godfather 6.0 winners. The eventual winner of the SNG will get an INR 7 Lac package to Australia (TKT worth 10,600 AU$+ Travel for the main event Jan’19).

The Godfather tourney sees a strong field and yesterday was no exception, with some top pros joining in the field, including the young gun Akshay Nasa ‘vibaks’(12th for INR 22,850), Abhishek Garg aka (41st for INR 12,568), and Zarvan Tumboli aka ‘SavitaBhabhi13’ (45th for INR 12,568).

Final Hand

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 45k-90k where ‘newkidpoker’ holding 6d Qc moved all-in and the eventual winner thealienistholding Ah 9d called. The board ran out 5h 9s Qd Kd 9h, giving ‘thealienist’ three of a kind to take down the pot as well as Godfather 6.0 title.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 thealienist 559825
2 newkidpoker 331325
3 MeghnaMathur 228500
4 Adit11 171375
5 bajateraho 114250
6 sweatmyass13 79975
7 DoJingBULLETS 62838
8 viv423 51413
9 guntz 36560

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