Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram Wins His First Godfather Tournament For INR 5,29,480

Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram aka ‘Nishtheboss’ is off to a good start in 2019! He has taken down Adda52’s Godfather 7.0 to claim the top prize of INR 5,29,480 and an entry into a 9 Lac Vegas Package SNG to be played on 3rd March 2019. The INR 5,500 buy-in Godfather tournament takes place every Thursday and yesterday it drew 427 entries to create a massive INR 21 Lac + prizepool. The top 43 finishers were paid out in the tournament with min-cashes starting from INR 11,743.

On his way to the victory in this event, Shanmughasundaram beat a strong final table that featured tough regs in Ayush Garg aka ‘lazyman’ (3rd for INR 2,24,175), Sahil Agarwal aka ‘Bhaijiii’ (6th for INR 74,725), Rumit Khade aka ‘rumit18’ (7th for INR 58,713), and Vinay Boob aka ‘ContemporisT’ (8th for INR 48,038). Abhishek Goindi aka ‘pomfret1989’ exited as the final table bubble for INR 26,688.

The winner ‘Nishtheboss’ reached heads-up with Srihari Bang aka ‘zombieballs’ who fought it well but had to settle for the second-place prize of INR 3,20,250. On the final hand of the tournament, the eventual winner ‘Nishtheboss’ held 6s 7c and ‘zombieballs’ had 6c 8s. The board was 7d 6h 6d Jc 10s where the former hit a full house to take down the pot as well as his first Godfather tourney.

Post his win in Godfather 7.0 tournamnt, Shanmughasundaram said, “It feels great to ship the Godfather event. It was a smooth sailing till the final table. However, the final table was quite swingy, especially in HU I was 1:4 underdog. So, it feels very nice to ship it. Yes, it’s my biggest score on Adda52.”

This grand win on Adda52 is the biggest online score for ‘Nishtheboss’. Before this, the player has cashed it out across several other popular online tournaments, including Sunday Suits, Whale 6-Max, Big Millions, Hitman, Juice, Mega Suits, Judwaa and various editions of Godfather.

As mentioned, a total of 43 places were paid out in this tournament. Some notables who finished in the money were Kartik Ved aka ‘Pegasus1505’ (11th for INR 26,688), Rajat Sharma aka Oshoswami (19th for INR 18148), Deepak Bothra aka ‘bothras’ (30th for INR 13878), Vikash Khaitan aka ‘Vikinse’ (37th for INR 11,743) and Manoj Pentakota aka ‘thatsmymoney’(42nd for INR 11,743) to name a few.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 Nishtheboss 529480
2 zombieballs 320250
3 lazyman 224175
4 viv423 170800
5 Dgme 111020
6 Bhaijiii 74725
7 rumit18 58713
8 ContemporisT 48038
9 gutshotguru1 34160

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